Friday, February 12, 2010

You have three choices...

This will be a short post, but it was on my mind.

I was completing my seminar with an organization and I received a question that I get often:

"What if none of this stuff works? What if the organization refuses?"

Unfortunately, there are really only three choices.

1) Persevere - You can work with the organization and continue to educate and be a positive force in changing the overall culture. If you truly follow the process of making emotional conversation unemotional (documented in my book) then through perseverance, will, and success, the culture WILL change. I have watched it occur over and over again.

2) Accept - If you feel that nothing you try will ever make a difference, then accept it for what it is. In essence, quit whining about it! ;)

3) Move On - If you feel that you can't persevere or accepting the results is not your style, then the only choice left is to leave the organization. I know that it can be difficult in these times, but if you can't live with the culture and do not have the perseverance to change it, then it is your only other option.

Understanding the three choices and being resolute on which one fits you and your situation can go a long way in making the first step. Once the decision is made (and of course, I will often choose #1) then you can focus on making the difference.

I promised it would be short!

No day but today,


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Samad Aidane said...

The other choice is stop thinking that there is something wrong with your organization. Every organization is designed to deliver the results it is getting. Stop trying to change it and instead focus on delivering successful projects one project at a time. When you deliver success consistently, you can play by your own rules and you won't care if the organization does not change. Don't make it your job to change your organization or tell your organization how to do thing right, show them instead with one successful project after another.