Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Graduation Photo

As I mentioned in my last post, I have just graduated from PMI's Leadership Institute Masters Class.  Here is the official photo from graduation.  What a great group of people!

Within my class, we had several people from outside the United States including Chile, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Pakistan, and Nigeria.  I have been forever changed by this group of people.  It makes me reflect on the entire experience yet again.

Many people have asked me about the class and what it is all about.  Essentially, PMI picks 25 volunteer leaders from around the world to go through leadership training.  Although each class is a bit modified from the last, we went through the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory), a 360 degree review, and also received some top notch personal coaching.  We also discussed several books and leadership methodologies.  Throughout the experience, you gain tremendous insight into you.  The class in the beginning is a selfish adventure, and for once it should be!  As you begin to share the insights that you have learned, you begin to learn about the classmates around you.  PMI makes this investment in the class with the hope that the 25 graduates then go out and motivate other great leaders to get or stay involved in PMI.

We met three times in person and several times over the phone.  We first met in Orlando, FL.  At the end of the first meeting, we were no longer strangers, but we had yet to become family.  It wasn't until the second class in Scottsdale, AZ that I realized how much these people had gotten to me!  I believe Jorge said, "It was like a Christmas party"  The hugs, handshakes, and genuine fellowship the class had made the whole Scottsdale class amazing.  The third class was in Washington, D.C. where we wrapped up.

After this picture was taken was a weird feeling for me.  At this point, it was over.  Class dismissed.  All of the other times, the next meeting was planned out and we knew where we would see each other again.  Once graduation was done, there were no more appointments.  No more scheduled meetings.  Just....done.  I guess I am still processing that feeling.

We are now part of a distinct group of LIMC Alumni.  We join the last 10 years of classes (roughly 300-400 people) and begin to build relationships with them.  I just wish I knew, if ever, this group would ever be together again.

This picture goes on my wall in the office.  It will remind me of the experience, the class, the investment PMI made in us, and of course my family.

Cheers to the LIMC 2010 Class 2.  Forever in my heart!

May you find your life's passion,


Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am just now recovering from an incredible 10 days at PMI Global World. There is only one word that comes to mind when I sum up the experience: passion.

Passion for the profession, passion for leadership, passion in interactions, passionate conversations, just plain passion. I like to say that I have a passion for the profession that is contagious. However, the passion that I felt from all of you out there was overwhelming.

This week was a culmination of many things. I had the pleasure of graduating from PMI's Leadership Institute Masters Class. I met 25 people from around the world and shared a year long journey with them that was truly life changing. We entered the class as 25 individuals, we left as a family. I was blessed to be one of the co-presenters at our graduation. The class had written down some of their reflections of the experience and I had the chance to share that with attendees of the Leadership Institute Meeting. I can't tell you how many times I fought back tears during that speech. Their comments and just being around them ignited one true feeling: passion.

After graduation, I attended the Leadership Institute which is a gathering of volunteer leaders from all over the world to discuss PMI, it's growth, our challenges, and grow in camaraderie. I heard fantastic presentations including phenomenal speakers such as Rachel Paulson and Troy Hazard to name just a couple. The amount of times I speak at events I am always a critic, but I was blown away by their messages and talent. Their delivery had one key element: passion.

As the Leadership Institute meeting ended, it was nearing the official release of Stop Playing Games. There were so many coincidences occurring on that day. My number in college was 11, the date of the release was October 11, and I was speaking in room 11, on Columbus Day which I reference in the speech and the book. It was a fantastic experience. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of the folks behind RMC Project Management: Rita Mulcahy's company. I was struck by their closeness as they embarked on the first major event since Rita's passing. Only one word could describe how they did their jobs: passion.

I thought that so many things would be ending this week. Another Global World is in the books, another book has been launched, and the Masters Class is complete. I took some time to reflect on the experiences. My passion for this profession has grown. My passion for the people, projects, companies, and leaders has grown. My passion to continue the path that I am on and see where this life takes me has grown.

There were several people that I had a chance to meet and others that we had a chance to develop or continue our friendships. To each of you, thank you. There are others that I had a chance to share deeper conversations and passionate commitments to do more, to each of you.......let's make sure we follow through!

For all of you reading this post, take a moment to reflect on the word passion. I personally believe it is the key to a fulfilling career and life. If you don't feel that in your heart, then it is time to find out what you really want. What is it that you are looking for? In fact, it is the new challenge. Find your life's passion. For me, I can honestly say that it is here. Being with you, sharing these experiences, and living life to the fullest. Thank you to all who contribute to this profession and those of you that went out of your way these past 10 days to help grow the passion in my heart.

May you find your life's passion,


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Releases October 11!

The official launch of "Stop Playing Games" is here!

I was blown away and humbled when I went to the RMC Booth tonight at the PMI Global World Congress in Washington DC.  Here are some pictures:

There had been talk of some marketing pushes from RMC, but I did not expect to have an entire corner of their booth dedicated to the launch.  The team at RMC have been incredible to work with.  Now it is up to you!  Please help support the launch of the book by either stopping by tomorrow and picking it up at the official launch, or you can go to the Project Management Bookstore to purchase your copy!

For those of you that are attending the speech at 11:15 tomorrow morning in DC, I can't wait to share this material with you.  We will be posting pictures of the launch and event tomorrow as soon as we can.  Lets have some fun!