Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Releases October 11!

The official launch of "Stop Playing Games" is here!

I was blown away and humbled when I went to the RMC Booth tonight at the PMI Global World Congress in Washington DC.  Here are some pictures:

There had been talk of some marketing pushes from RMC, but I did not expect to have an entire corner of their booth dedicated to the launch.  The team at RMC have been incredible to work with.  Now it is up to you!  Please help support the launch of the book by either stopping by tomorrow and picking it up at the official launch, or you can go to the Project Management Bookstore to purchase your copy!

For those of you that are attending the speech at 11:15 tomorrow morning in DC, I can't wait to share this material with you.  We will be posting pictures of the launch and event tomorrow as soon as we can.  Lets have some fun! 


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