Friday, March 23, 2018

Radio Show - March 23rd - The Man Who Changed My Career - Rob Thomsett

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The Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance

Friday at 2 PM Pacific

March 23rd 2018:The Man Who Changed My Career: Rob Thomsett
As a young project manager, I was becoming frustrated with the process. I was on the verge of quitting. I was literally walking through the book store looking at job titles wondering what to do next. I then came across a book called "Radical Project Management" by Rob Thomsett. It changed my entire career. It was the first book that taught me how to really approach project management while utilizing humor at the same time. It is also the first book that discussed Agile. I read the book cover to cover and have quoted from it in almost every speech since. I reached out to Rob as a young
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Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel
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Featured Guest

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Rob Thomsett

Rob Thomsett is a Thought Leader for Seven Consulting. Rob's passion is to enable people within organisations to work in a more agile fashion to assist their organisation in achieving strategic goals. Rob has over 40 years of experience in project and change management specialising in highly innovative people-centric and agile models of project management and executive sponsorship. He is acknowledged as a thought leader in agile sponsorship and project management and highly-effective executive coach. His pragmatic and transparent approach to project governance benefits realisation and agile project management has been adopted by NAB across all bank project portfolios. Elements of this
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Friday, March 9, 2018

Radio Show - March 9th - Customizing Agile for Your Project Team - Johanna Rothman

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The Work/Life Balance

The Work/Life Balance

Friday at 2 PM Pacific

March 09th 2018:Customizing Agile for Your Project or Team - Johanna Rothman
Too often, people and teams select an off-the-shelf agile framework. Well, if you’re a cookie-cutter team, that might work for you. But Johanna has seen too many teams struggle with ceremonies, collapse under the weight of the metrics, and fail to deliver anything useful in a reasonable amount of time. Their supposedly agile projects feel like a death march. Instead, you can design your agile and lean approach from principles, not frameworks. Rick will interview Johanna about how you can succeed with an agile approach that fits for you.
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Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel
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Featured Guest

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Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman, known as the “Pragmatic Manager,” provides frank advice for your tough problems. She helps leaders and teams see problems, resolve risks, and manage their product development. Johanna was the Agile 2009 conference chair and was the co-chair of the first edition of the Agile Practice Guide. Johanna is the author of these books: • Create Your Successful Agile Project: Collaborate, Measure, Estimate, Deliver • Agile and Lean Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization • Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects, 2nd edition • Project Portfolio Tips: Twelve Ideas for Focusing on the Work You Need to Start & F
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Monday, March 5, 2018

Radio Show Transcript - What I Learned from John Maxwell February 2018 Edition - Recorded March 2, 2018

What I Learned from John Maxwell February 2018 Edition - Recorded March 2, 2018

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Please remember this is a transcript of a radio show that airs live every Friday and is also podcasted.  Spelling and punctuation may be affected.

FULL TRANSCRIPT (with timecode)

00:00:26;28 - 00:00:40;17
Rick A. Morris: And welcome to another edition of the Work Life Balance here on a Friday afternoon I'm so excited to have you guys along with me as I'm going to take an hour here in just kind of detox over the last month as you guys know.

00:00:40;20 - 00:02:16;27
Rick A. Morris: Many of my longtime listeners know one of the favorite things to do. One of my favorite shows to do is just to kind of breathe and reflect especially after I return from what's known as the International Maxwell certification event which happens in Orlando Florida. I generally do that right after the event. We did have somebody scheduled which was Kupe Kupersmith last week and what a great time we had with Kupe if you guys didn't hear that show that was a very very fun show. But now I'm going to take a moment and just kind of reflect talk about some of the changes that we've had to the show some of the new things that we've got going on and then just reflect and tell you what I learned from John Maxwell what I learned at this event talk about my journey through the John Maxwell team. I get a lot of questions on social media I get a lot of people asking about the team why I joined in my journey certainly was different than a lot of people that I know that are members of the team and so you know I thought it would take some time and share not only my journey but what also happened at this event and some really cool moments that were so important to me so always you can hit me up @rickamorris on Twitter you can find me at also on Facebook I'll be looking for questions and e-mails and things to pop in during the show and try to respond to those. For those of you listening live some of the changes to the show just to kind of keep up with them I mentioned throughout but I just wanted to take a moment to talk through a few things that we've done to keep you connected to this show. One is that we do have an Alexa skill now. So for those of you that don't get a chance to catch it live.

00:02:18;22 - 00:02:31;24
Rick A. Morris: And don't want to subscribe via iTunes and do have an exit device. We have an iPad subscription now so you simply can say Alexa ask Anypod to play the Work Life Balance.

00:02:31;25 - 00:03:59;12
Rick A. Morris: And she'll play the latest show for you in its entirety and you can skip forward and skip backwards and find other shows in it'll play the entire subscription. So that's pretty cool. We got that done for you. We also are transcribing the show now. So we started to do a transcription service so that if you know mentioned names or websites or you just want to go back some people are readers versus listeners or you don't want to hear the show at work but want to find out what the value is that we're bringing into the show. So if you go to We have our announcements for upcoming guests on that blog. Sometimes I do blog post there but then we also generally about two or three days after the show airs. We transcribed the show and posted there as well. So those are some of the new things that are coming up. As far as guests that are coming up at Johanna Rothman that's going to be coming up next week. She is is one of the most downloaded webinars and podcasters in project management right now. I'm going to be taking the week after that off as I will be with John Maxwell in a few of us are going to be going to Costa Rica to fulfill one of John's passions which is to transform a country. And so we'll talk a little bit more about that later in the show. And then the big show that I'm really looking forward to as well is March 23 a person that I really feel will transform my career in project management.

00:03:59;24 - 00:04:54;28
Rick A. Morris: A project management consultant I was looking to potentially quit the profession and I came across a book called Radical Project Management all the way back in 2002. And just the way the book was written a lot of the information within the book it really just transformed my career and I've finally gotten that gentleman and contacted him and he is going to be on the show Rob Tomsett on March 23 we can't can't wait for that event. So stay with us on the show. We've got a lot of stuff coming in a lot of good and hopefully positive change. So let us know what you think about that have you been reading the transcription or you know if you've been connecting with us through reelects or that kind of stuff let us know if we're reaching you and in you know help us make sure that we're adding value to you because you know a lot of times I'm doing the show sitting here in my home office in Birmingham Alabama talking to a computer screen and we just want to know that you're out there that we're servicing you and that you guys are finding value in what we're doing.

00:04:55;16 - 00:05:09;07
Rick A. Morris: So let's talk the journey of the John Maxwell team for me. So a lot of people join teams like this or this kind of stuff looking to jumpstart a business maybe get into business for themselves.

00:05:09;07 - 00:05:19;24
Rick A. Morris: There's certainly a path through the John Maxwell team to become a certified coach a certified speaker.

00:05:19;24 - 00:05:33;03
Rick A. Morris: You know those kinds of things and they what's interesting about that is you know so some people are coming to the team to define a business to start a business. It was very different for me.

00:05:33;03 - 00:05:44;16
Rick A. Morris: I had already had a business for seven or eight years before I started to look at. Actually probably six or seven years but had been running businesses for several years before I started to look at the team.

00:05:45;02 - 00:07:42;28
Rick A. Morris: And you know so I was super excited to get an opportunity to do this. I was also already a professional speaker before I went through the speaker training with John Maxwell team. And so it was a little bit different for me I wasn't you know I was looking to enhance my career. I had some content that was kind of drying up and just thought you know maybe I would get some more ideas and be able to leverage John's name. So to be honest in a little bit forthright in this a little bit selfish in joining the team I went there a little bit selfishly and so I went to my first training and now I think I've been at six or seven maybe a trainings now but I went to my first training and didn't really know what to expect. And so our first event that you do at the training as you go through speaker training with Roddy Galbraith and Roddy teaches the Maxwell method of speaking and I learn more Roddy in the first two hours of that training than I had in ten years of hard knocks as a speaker just incredible incredible and I was just blown away. And so then the next thing that you do is you go through coaching training and at the time I didn't really have any desire to really be a coach. And then I saw Christian Simpson who quite frankly and to be honest brought me to tears. He taught me how directive I was being and it was again just another incredible experience. And then you know it just it was event after event after event that really just opened my eyes. But really what it taught me more than anything was the power of being a servant leader and there's a quote that John says and it touched me more than anything and it really is what has lit my world on fire the last two years. Is that once you taste significance the success really just doesn't matter.

00:07:43;28 - 00:08:16;26
Rick A. Morris: And that has become the the end all be all for me in why that I've been so driven with the team why have been so driven to do Costa Rica why I've been so driven to really open up the mentorship lanes in my business and give back as a matter of fact you know it was rushing back here was almost late to the show because I was giving back to to the high school kids here at the Hoover High School where I live and we were doing mock interviews to prepare them to get ready for business.

00:08:17;19 - 00:08:39;23
Rick A. Morris: But those types of things just you know opening yourself to become more of a servant leader and to really give back to your community to really make sure that you're using the skill set and in the talent that you've been given to give back. Once you start to have that that path it becomes a never ending you know becomes a waterfall truly of emotion. And.

00:08:40;15 - 00:09:05;07
Rick A. Morris: I think the John Maxwell team and the people around it and you know coming back from this event the people that I know now that are in my life that I consider family to be honest with you the people that are regular attendees like me that I talk to almost every week or that we exchange messages every week.

00:09:05;07 - 00:09:14;18
Rick A. Morris: Those people that have come in my life which really now are part of my inner circle that there's there's no price I can put on that there's no price.

00:09:14;21 - 00:09:18;05
Rick A. Morris: And so that's really why I do it.

00:09:18;05 - 00:11:21;14
Rick A. Morris: It's why I go back and now you know when you go back to the certification there's different tracks for alumni. So when you go back you don't go through the same trainings that you go through you get different trainings. And so I've had exposure to Seth Godin that exposure to Les Brown that exposure to Curtis Sliwa. You know we get extra time with John we get a change. You know I've been certified through DISC with Dr. Robert Rohm and so I mean these people that you get exposure with. Again I would spend ungodly amounts of money. Do we get to do but they're giving back to us and they're pouring into us. So that's what's amazing about this organization and why we continue to do what we do with this team. So I mean if anybody who's interested in wants to know more about it please reach out to me You know if you've heard about the team or want to join or have reservations or just want to know what it's all about or what it can do for you we certainly. I certainly be somebody to pour into you to understand you know an added benefit. You know Paul Martinelli who started the team you know and he's built 5 businesses over 250 million dollars is going to be leading a personal mentorship thing at 7 a.m. tomorrow that I get to be a part of through. You know Think and Grow Rich which obviously I've read the book. I've just never been personally mentored by somebody who's who's you know build 250 million dollars with the business on how he's utilized that platform to grow himself the people around him and make himself you know financially free so to have access like that to be around people like that that not only are so successful but are such you know phenomenal examples of being a servant leader just fires me up and it makes me roll out of bed it's going to make me roll out of bed at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning with my pen and paper and my copy of my book ready to go.

00:11:21;14 - 00:12:04;23
Rick A. Morris: So those are the types of things that that expose. So that was my that's kind of my why that's the why behind it. In my personal life. So it's not just you know for those of you that are out there saying you got a businessman I'm successful I don't need that stuff. But dude that was me. And I'm telling you I knew nothing and I I learned something this week from a team member who just flicked a light switch into me who has changed my entire thinking of how I do my product marketing and not only that but I've been doing it so wrong for so long.

00:12:05;09 - 00:12:25;18
Rick A. Morris: And you know just being able to meet somebody like a Dave Gambrell who shared a very simple thing with me and said Hey why don't you look at this you should be doing this just showed me how to absolutely monetize my business and get my business working for me when I'm not sitting at the desk.

00:12:25;18 - 00:12:48;04
Rick A. Morris: I mean those types of things are priceless and unbelievable and can't. Can't wait to be around my people so what we're going to do for the rest of the show is talk about some of the best quotes some of the things I've learned some of the things that I consider to be life changing and share some of worries of what really happened at this last event that I just found incredible. So stay with us right here.

00:12:48;04 - 00:12:58;02
Rick A. Morris: You're listening to the Work Life Balance with Rick Morris.

00:15:44;13 - 00:16:01;16
Rick A. Morris: Now back to the Work Life Balance and we're back to the Work Life Balance we're discussing what I learned from the John Maxwell event February edition. We just got back a couple of weeks ago. So at this one there's a couple of really touching stories we'll get into as we go.

00:16:01;17 - 00:17:31;06
Rick A. Morris: But when you go back to an event the first thing that you get to do is choose what's called Think Tank days and these things take days. The faculty of the John Maxwell team which are again just second to none prepare something really special. And you get to choose and decide which one you want to be a part of. And I've got a chance to spend some extended time with Christian Simpson so I've shared in the last segment that Christian Simpson really just kind of opened my eyes to the whole coaching and in really about what it means to be you know a directing learner versus a coach. And so he had some really interesting information to share this one couple of the key quotes that really got to me. First of all I've never really heard this I thought this was interesting. Thought I'd share it with you guys that you know you always hear about the top 1 percent you know people always say the 1 percent in America who's the 1 percent and the 1 percent that's always getting taxed and all that stuff. He defined that. So you know I don't know if this is as accurate as I've heard it. I haven't had a chance to research and get to the numbers he defined. He's saying that the top 1 percent is defined to people that are earning four hundred fifty thousand dollars or more. I thought that was pretty interesting because when you hear the one percent you're thinking you know Warren Buffett think Bill Gates and all these others and while they are part of the 1 percent that the top 1 percent of wage earners is actually four hundred fifty thousand dollars or above.

00:17:31;23 - 00:18:25;29
Rick A. Morris: I do want to dig into that number a little bit more about that that was pretty interesting. He was really speaking to a lot of us small business owners as a lot of us are. And what was interesting was the take of this. And you know it's something I've really been focusing on the last two years three years and I can see the direct results in my business which is you know when you're developing a small business you don't develop the business you develop the owner. And as the owner itself develops and as that as the owner develops the business will come along. But you can't really develop a business you've got a business plan you've got things that you want to do but you've got to develop the owner and have the owner grow because a lot of times the limitations of the business are the limitations of the business plan is based on the limitations of the thinking of the owner right.

00:18:26;02 - 00:18:47;24
Rick A. Morris: So it's it's the thinking of the owner that's going to determine the size of the money or the wealth of the business. You see these people that are extremely successful they've got big thinking and you see the people that have small small businesses and they have small thinking. And so it's that size of thinking that that really determines the size of the business right.

00:18:47;24 - 00:19:50;09
Rick A. Morris: So I mean essentially you know one of the things that he says often is you know if you if you fail to go within then you'll go without. You've got to you've got to really go inside you and figure out what those limiting beliefs are what your fears are what your anxieties are and learn how to develop those and then find people that are better than you at the things that you're not good at. I mean that's how you're going to develop your business. And I think one of the most poignant quotes that I wrote down from him was that a person that is not willing to make mistakes is living one. So I'll say it again to a person that is not willing to make mistakes is living one. So how often do you in your business or in your daily career whatever you are in your stage of life become so afraid to make a mistake that you're limiting your belief or limiting your growth because of the fear of change or the fear of taking a big step.

00:19:50;26 - 00:21:21;27
Rick A. Morris: And you know the point is is we need to make mistakes. I'm a conglomerate of my mistakes and in love you know I don't like the pain of when it occurs. But love the growth that's a result. And I think it's important for us to remember that you know the the mistakes themselves are are the the ultimate understanding of the limitation of our thinking at the time. And so for instance like there's so many people that will focus especially when they're developing themselves and they're looking at things and you see these training programs and you find these books that are worried about the cost. And so one of the big things that you can tell right away about people that are really adamant about their growth and really adamant about being successful is how they look at investing in themselves. And so you know for instance you know you had a moment to spend with John and it was one on one moment and it was a five thousand dollar price tag. How would you look at that. Would you look at that. That's five thousand dollars of cost and I don't have the money or would you look at that as you know this five thousand dollars has an opportunity and the return on investment that I could get you know in him pouring into my business is incredible.

00:21:22;24 - 00:21:39;14
Rick A. Morris: Right. So it's it's not a line item it's not a cost. So small minded or small thinking is attributing everything to a cost and big thinking and growth is attributing everything to return on investment. I'm not talking about just throwing money wildly.

00:21:39;27 - 00:23:51;22
Rick A. Morris: I'm not saying cost is unimportant. It's a return on investment rates a return on investment is looking at it as I understand there's a cost but what am I going to gain out of it. What's the what's the return that I will get for the time and the money that I'm spending. If there's a high return then it's then it's a no brainer. But if I'm only solely concerned about cost and whether or not you know I have that then you know it's not really a sure sign of growth. So I thought that was interesting and you know Christian shared a lot with us. And you know the other thing and it's certainly something over the last two years that I've really been concerned at is I have been a consultant for a very long time and a consultant. And what we do is we trade time for money and I've been sitting on you know seven eight even 10 years worth of content that I've developed over time. But you know I've got six books on the market. I've got videos I've got webinars I've got all these things and the lightbulb that went on for me and meeting with Dave Gambrill and everybody else is you know how much actually could be monetizing that content. So that it would be working for me when I'm not working. Right. So the question that was posed to me was you know do I have a system and people working for when I walked away that the business was still working for me and if not then then I'm being consumed by the business and my business is consuming me. And that's not a good equation. So how can I start to move the business into a way that it doesn't consume me right. I consume the business so interesting thought patterns. And again you've got to be open ready to shake forward ready to understand it. But to me that was a huge aha moment for me and a way for me to start analyzing how I spend my day and where am I getting the greatest return of investment.

00:23:51;29 - 00:26:24;25
Rick A. Morris: Which brings me to an interesting story because I think what we do a lot is business owners we make a ton of excuses for why we can't do certain things and so they brought a young lady onstage by the name of Maria Cristina and I'm trying to get her on the show. We've got to get her on the show. She made a personal promise to some orphans in Bangladesh after a great flood that they were she was going to take care of their education. She actually made the promise to the parents are not the parents but to the foster parents and to these kids into the people who are taking care of these kids in the orphanage. And but she didn't have the money but she made the commitment that she was going to take care of their education fully. And so she didn't know how to make money so she Googled. How do I make money. And somebody said well you need you know you go to the North Pole and you can make money. So she trains and she goes to the North Pole and she didn't raise everything that she wanted. So she came back. Googles how to how do I make money. Somebody says well if you run seven marathons in seven continents you can raise the money. So she runs seven marathons in seven continents and still doesn't use the money. So she comes back and they said well if you go to the south pole she goes to the South Pole. Somebody says if you climb Mount Everest she climbs Mount Everest. This is a true story. Look her up Maria Cristina and then somebody says well if you run Iron Mans and turn in the fastest time for a female and these Iron Mans she does that and it comes down to where she wants to swim the English Channel. But there's one big problem. And if I gave you a guess. Right. And we did this on the show last week. What her big obstacle would be in swimming the English Channel and if you guess the fact that she can't swim you'd be right. So she hires a coach and the only coach that responds to her only teaches people how to swim in a pool. She goes that's fine. So she teaches she learns how to swim and then swing swims. The English Channel says she's got eight Guinness Book World Records now and she was still three hundred thousand dollars short and she's still going around telling your story and raising money to keep her commitment. Is that even money for her. It's it's to keep the commitment to these children that she promised. And when you hear a story like that when you meet this person and you could see her in person hear this story and you're sitting there going make excuses.

00:26:25;02 - 00:26:37;04
Rick A. Morris: I don't want to wake up out of bed in the morning or you know it's really hard to pick up the phone and in cold call or it's it's really hard to sit down and force myself to write. Yeah yeah.

00:26:37;09 - 00:27:24;29
Rick A. Morris: These excuses all of a sudden don't start to stack up when you see somebody like Maria Cristina and she is just this little powerhouse and she's a powerhouse but she's not very tall. And it's incredible to be inspired by stories like that and then you're sitting around and looking at your challenges and recognizing that really what we're doing is we're making excuses. So while we're on break when we're going to take one here in a second. Check out Maria Christina Google her name find her charity. 20 dollars her way because I'm telling you this lady deserves every penny ticket to meet that commitment. And we're going to take a break right here. You're listening to the Work Life Balance with Rick Morris.

00:30:29;05 - 00:30:33;07
Rick A. Morris: And we're back to the Work Life Balance right for a break we were talking about Maria Cristina.

00:30:33;09 - 00:31:11;29
Rick A. Morris: You can actually find her at Maria Cristina foundations for if you'd like to donate to that incredible incredible charity sharing in the break there. We're going to get her on the show it's going to happen I'm going to get Maria Cristina on the show and you're going to hear that story firsthand as I did. Which is which is incredible she's an incredible story of resilience in just sheer determination. And again though for anybody who feels like they've got an awesome excuse just listen to her talk and she'll wipe any of those away for you.

00:31:11;29 - 00:32:09;14
Rick A. Morris: Speaking of stories though there was another thing that happened in these conferences are fairly well scripted in the way that you know certain times certain things happen. And there was a a lunch and learn that was done and it was actually done on John Maxwell's public Facebook page. You could go to John Maxwell's public Facebook page find this lunch and learn sign up for it and see it. And it was around John Maxwell's new book Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 where he's taken his book he's written eighty nine percent of it. And they were teaching how to mentor people with John's book and John was sharing some of his personal secrets of how he mentors people with this book. And so the behind the scenes of that and I was actually sitting like right from table to the right as they were doing this and it was it was a two hour session. But the first hour is on this Lunch and Learn webinars so you guys can go find it's a free resource it's phenomenal to watch.

00:32:09;29 - 00:32:24;17
Rick A. Morris: But during that about about 10 minutes to go there's a great story that Roddy Galbraith shares and so he's talking about a young lady that came up to him the day before at the conference saying that her brother had passed away.

00:32:24;19 - 00:32:45;27
Rick A. Morris: She had to go to get received a diagnosis to fly very far away in Mexico to a very specialized clinic and had been diagnosed with cancer and was given 90 days to live and she was coming back and saw a book in the the airport instead.

00:32:45;28 - 00:32:54;28
Rick A. Morris: I just I have to get this book. So she goes up to the book vendor and she says how much for the book and the book vendor says it's twenty dollars she says. I only have five.

00:32:55;22 - 00:33:37;17
Rick A. Morris: So the book vendor says no just just go ahead take the book. You can have the book. So she reads this book and it changes her entire outlook on life. When she returns home her family is actually already starting to save money for her funeral. And so it turns out this was nine years ago so she had a few surgeries she ends up beating cancer. But she has an incredible positive outlook on life and she now is a John Maxwell team member and she had come to the training event in Orlando and she really couldn't afford to even do that as a matter of fact we had heard that she was sleeping like in the doorway of a 7-Eleven the first night.

00:33:37;17 - 00:34:09;25
Rick A. Morris: And so some of the people at the Marriott Hotel had hooked her up with a room and she told Roddy she goes you know this book changed my life and she goes even look at my shoes and Roddy looked down at her shoes. And you know the soles were coming apart and that kind of stuff she goes I'm still poor but but I'm happy. And so right it goes well I'm going to be talking with John tomorrow can. Can I share the story. She said sure. So she goes upstairs and he talks to his lovely wife Susan and tells Susan the story and Susan's kind of match she's like but Roddy he says what she goes.

00:34:10;02 - 00:34:17;03
Rick A. Morris: What was the book Roddy. What book changed their life and he's like I don't know I didn't ask.

00:34:17;05 - 00:34:29;12
Rick A. Morris: So they looked through Roddy's phone and he had a picture of her. They find the girl and it turns out the book was called Winning Attitudes by John Maxwell. And so.

00:34:30;21 - 00:35:00;23
Rick A. Morris: They tell the book and and show it to John and John so touched. So John says right there live during the lunch and learn he says I've got to I've got to meet this girl. I have to meet her. And so the lunch and learn and the life of ends. So we're still in the room for another hour. And so Roddy had texted Susan right when John said he wanted to meet her. And Susan went and got her out of the session and brought her into the alumni room. And John got to meet her and she just starts to cry.

00:35:00;25 - 00:35:39;17
Rick A. Morris: And again John knowing that she didn't have a whole lot of money he said you know what every book I have on my table you can have and it was just one of those moments unscripted. You know everybody's in tears and just another phenomenal thing that just happens that you just can't see the generosity of people that drive of people and things like that just just change your life forever especially when you're right there in the room I actually got a video of him meeting her. Yeah I started to go post that. You know it just wasn't my story to share like that. I mean I don't mind telling the story this way or sharing it with people or you guys my listeners.

00:35:39;17 - 00:35:47;15
Rick A. Morris: But yeah I just didn't feel like that was something that was going to post. We have a caller on the line. Kevin how are you doing.

00:35:49;14 - 00:35:55;10
Kevin:  How are you man.

Rick A. Morris: Where are you calling from Kevin?

Kevin:  San Antonio Texas.

00:35:56;05 - 00:36:01;02
Rick A. Morris: Is this Kmart?.

Kevin Martin: It is buddy.

Rick A. Morris What's up brother man.

00:36:01;02 - 00:36:16;16
Kevin Martin: Not much man. I'm just enjoying the show. I appreciate you so much sharing. You always do. I'm always interested in learn something from me almost every time we interact. I want to say thank you for that and just keep doing what you're doing man. We're never done are we we make mistakes every day.

00:36:17;11 - 00:36:23;05
Rick A. Morris: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. So you hear that story about I know the girl and John?

00:36:23;07 - 00:36:27;29
Kevin Martin: Oh my goodness. I did.

00:36:28;18 - 00:36:46;04
Kevin Martin: Yeah. You know days when guys like us who do give back and oftentimes you don't realize the people that you're impacting cause we just don't do it for that reason. But we continue to do it and then when we get impacted it reenergized us and we're just on fire again. And it sounds like you're on fire.

00:36:46;04 - 00:36:53;02
Rick A. Morris: That I am brother that I am can't wait for Costa Rica.

Kevin Martin: Yeah sounds great. I wish I was going with you. I know it would be a good time.

00:36:53;26 - 00:36:56;14
Rick A. Morris: Yes sir. Thanks so much for calling. It's great to hear from you.

00:36:56;14 - 00:36:58;15
Kevin Martin: Hey great to hear from you Rick. Lead on.

00:36:59;06 - 00:37:07;20
Rick A. Morris: Thank you sir. So yeah. So I know you know so we have I know we have Maria Cristina and I got to tell you about this time and I'm I'm cried out.

00:37:08;06 - 00:37:17;14
Rick A. Morris: I'm a big dude. I don't mind crying. I don't mind sharing my tears. But yeah that that was that was big for me.

00:37:17;16 - 00:37:30;14
Rick A. Morris: So going back into Maxwell training. You know what I'm sure another event because this was also the first time. You know John does share a faith service.

00:37:30;14 - 00:38:16;17
Rick A. Morris: And again I don't care where you guys are and your faith I don't care. You know what. What you do with that. No I'm not trying to impart any any faith to you but he does do a great service. John comes from faith in everybody who's read John knows that and so he does a faith service and at the end he does a call to action. And you know he was in particular on this one because you know we just found out that Billy Graham died as well. And one of the things that we do is for anybody who responded to the call of action we give away a Maxwell speakers or Maxwell Leadership Bible. And the first time just where I was sitting and who I was sitting with. They invited me up on stage to help pass out the Bibles to the people they had come up.

00:38:16;17 - 00:38:29;07
Rick A. Morris: And that just got really emotional for me on this time. And you know don't don't know why so much didn't want to really dive in and figure out why so much. But just once there was nice time.

00:38:29;09 - 00:39:04;05
Rick A. Morris: And the first time I got to see from that perspective that kind of giving and growth. So that was interesting time for me as well. So going into John's messages especially you know some of the things he shared with us he's got a new book coming up called Leadershifts and he played with that. It's the first time I heard John come from stage but he had a little fun with that. But shifts book is he just finished the manuscript. Actually while we were there together.

00:39:04;15 - 00:39:49;29
Rick A. Morris: And so that's going to be the next big Maxwell book that comes out. And as always he started to teach us directly from that book and started to give us some insight on what's what's coming and you know some great quotes coming out of that you know in in for me just understanding you know the timing and context and environment of your life. You know the big thing he was talking to me. I felt like directly in the audience you know people ask him how he stays relevant in the leadership world in his answer to that is you've got to continue to shift you've got to continue to change.

00:39:50;10 - 00:39:56;27
Rick A. Morris: He says he can't stay the same and the leadership game because the leadership game is not the same it changes.

00:39:56;28 - 00:42:27;03
Rick A. Morris: And that speaks directly to the book of developing the leader within you. So first of all let's just talk about John for a second in the sense that you know 25 years ago if you look at the 90s early 90s every book every book was about management. Every book was how to manage your people how to effectively manage your people. It was all about management. There was very very little about leadership. And not only that the prevailing theory is that leaders were born. You're a born leader you're a natural leader. So the whole thought of developing leaders wasn't really a big thing. And John even shared very personally that when he was getting started. He didn't nobody wanted to come to a seminar nobody wanted to come to a leadership seminar nobody wanted to be taught how to be a leader. They come to a management seminar but they wouldn't come to a leadership seminar. And that was very interesting insight. And now read things about leadership right. Leadership is huge everybody's talking about leadership and thinking. But when when he was reviewing his book developing the leader within you which was groundbreaking 25 years ago and they asked him to rewrite it he rewrote 89 percent of it and that's because he was like because I've grown I've shifted I've changed become better and you know interesting story that I relate to you know my first book that I wrote Project Management That Works I wrote in 2008 I when I teach that now I still teach that on stage and at seminars and events I teach it the way the book is written and then I tell people how I do it differently today so that they can feel the evolution of how I've changed in the last 10 years how I would run projects because I certainly don't run projects today like I ran projects in 2008. I've changed I've grown in the last 10 years in everything that I know I don't I don't have the same certainties and beliefs I had. Ten years ago. And so it's is really interesting. And so that's what this whole book Leadersshifts is about and really you know what's coming down the pipe. And so I will share a couple of my favorite quotes from leaderships and then we're going to wrap up the show because man has time flown by. On this edition of the Work Life Balance you're listening to Rick Morris. We'll be right back after these commercials.

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00:45:27;21 - 00:45:38;08
Rick A. Morris: We've been sharing what happened at the John Maxwell training and just how stories and quotes and things like that. And I teased into Leadershifts a little bit and what I love about John.

00:45:38;09 - 00:47:28;28
Rick A. Morris: You know John actually tells us hey you know here's the book Here's things in it now go start telling people. And you know he does it this way too he says that you know the first time you tell it go and say you know John Maxwell says the second time you tell it. Say you know I heard somebody say and the third time he said. So you know I've been thinking. And he he he does it in a way versus fencing and fencing out. Well it's a great analogy. He said that he worked with a bank back in his first church and when farmers were asking for more money the banker would look to see if they were fencing in or fencing out if they were fencing in. The guy wouldn't give them a loan because they weren't intending to grow their fencing out. Then they would get the loan because they could see that they were intending to grow into more. And so what John does is he's like Dude here's the stuff. Go teach. And he goes. Always does a joke from stage because as a matter of fact when the book does come out then you can look at your people and go man. I was with John in Orlando. I was talking with them and now look it's here in the book. He's so gracious with his material. But the point being is people say Why do you do that though aren't you protective because no he says I'm learning and growing every day. I want to share my ideas and make you guys better every day because I'm going to have more ideas. It's an abundant life it's an abundant thought pattern. And I love that about what I want to share with you just a couple of the quotes when I write I have pages and pages of notes. But what I'll do is. I'll write journal next to some of my favorite notes that. That forced me to sit down and expand my thoughts on the quote that he just said so that I journal them and really dive into them.

00:47:29;11 - 00:48:14;02
Rick A. Morris: So a couple of the things that I wrote journal next to against his leader as one he wrote that said that life expands or shrinks based on our courage. So you know really what he's saying is is your life will become abundant or won't. Based on your courage to share to help people to really put your ideas out there. If you're if you're not. If you're fencing in and not sharing and not being abundant with your thinking and abundant with the people around you then you know your life is going to shrink. If you have courage to share encourage the poor and encourage to serve others your life is going to greatly expand and I thought that was a beautiful quote.

00:48:14;02 - 00:48:33;24
Rick A. Morris: The other one was tweak your way to success not twerk. Be careful. But it was to eat your way to success. And so we learn a methodology of you know to to you know fail learn improve and re-enter.

00:48:33;24 - 00:49:14;29
Rick A. Morris: It's just it's a cycle for us is to try things. But you know he recognizes it and again we get a chance to watch it. So for No Limits the book that came out last year I saw him teach that for the first time and then you know I don't know how many times he taught it in between but I saw him teach that three times to us and I know the first time he taught it to us before the book came out. Which means I got to see his process of tweaking the language and how he teaches from stage before he was really ready for that to be prime time which was awesome to watch. And so some of his key points were quite wordy.

00:49:14;29 - 00:49:53;15
Rick A. Morris: The first time that they were more concise but more powerful the second time and then the third time it was just rock solid. But you could see him tweaking the language and trying to get it right which was just again just mind-blowing to be a part of it and to watch. The other thing I journaled was amplify and so this is part of one of his acrostic that he does around sharing and the a and share was amplify. But he said you know your imagination is better and that that struck a chord with me because he said you know and all your ideas and all your thinking.

00:49:53;15 - 00:50:11;26
Rick A. Morris: Use your imagination because your imagination is better in the analogy he used is. Have you ever read a book and then gone to see the movie. He said it's so much better when you read the book he said so you need in your ideas in your business thinking and everything that you do.

00:50:12;10 - 00:50:42;03
Rick A. Morris: Your imagination is better so use it. Be imaginative you don't. Don't be afraid to think bigger thoughts or to go you know to go big. You know which is better. The book that you're thinking of or the movie that you're thinking of use your imagination and be better. So those were just some of the key thoughts that are going to be coming out in the new book Leadership which is going to be tremendous.

00:50:42;03 - 00:51:07;29
Rick A. Morris: It's going to be amazing. That's all the time I have for for this show. I just did want to reflect on all this. I wanted to personally think you know obviously John Maxwell Paul Martinelli Christian Simpson Chris Robinson Roddy Galbraith you guys are just amazing to me and are mentors to me.

00:51:08;19 - 00:53:51;24
Rick A. Morris: You know who Sheri Griffin Darryl Rivers. You know you guys you know make this special Dennis LaRue Jelena Simpson. There you go know I've got such a list of people John and Jessie Terry. You know there's just there's people that I go to this event that have just become family to me. You know I've got Norma Zambrano Monica Santoyo Darryl Monica got engaged at this event which was incredible to watch and made Daryyl the smartest person in the world because we were at a cocktail reception already. So that turned into his engagement party. So he didn't have to pay for his own engagement party which I thought was brilliant. But you know I see Mike Lightener. And just look I hate that I started naming names because there's so many that I'm going to leave somebody out and hurt their feelings. But you guys know who you are and what you mean to me. Right. Chris Melissa Rollins Mike Stephens the whole crew. You guys know what you mean to me. You know how much I look forward to spending time with you. I can't wait. I mean we're literally a countdown eight days away for Costa Rica to transform a nation together with my family and friends and mentors and then we're already counting down to August to the next event. So look if you want to be a part of this and you like what I've said and you want to know more. I'm not an affiliate I don't get paid for that. It's just it's something that that you know I served the team I work the event. It's something that I pour my heart into. You're welcome to join us and I'll tell you anything you want to know about it as part of my servant leadership. Back to something that has just been so powerful in my life and made things so much better for me. That's all the time we have for this episode. Next week we've got Johanna Rothman who's one of the most downloaded speakers this past year in project management. So we're going to be talking Agile with her. And then again I'll be in Costa Rica and then we'll have Rob Thomsett said on the show. I appreciate you guys let me vent in detox from this event and just take a moment to breathe and process as I love to do. I love all of you guys and always hit me up @rickamorris or Please stay tuned right here to the voice America business network. We love that you're a part of us and hope that you will continue to do so. We'll see you guys next Friday. You've been listening to the Work Life Balance.

00:53:51;24 - 00:53:56;02
M1: Rick Morris.

00:53:57;08 - 00:54:14;16
F1: Thank you for joining us this week. The Work Life Balance with Rick Morris can be heard live every Friday at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on the voice America business channel. Now that the weekend is here it's time to rethink your priorities and enjoy it. We'll see you on our next show.