Thursday, January 19, 2017

Radio Show 1/20 - Frank Keck - The 60 Second Manager


The Work/Life Balance

Friday at 2 PM Pacific

January 20, 2017: The 60 Second Coach - Frank Keck
Managing and leading people can be a very complex, complicated and time-consuming chore. Rick will interview Frank Keck, founder of a workshop where you get a blueprint on how to manage and lead your team in simple, easy chunks of 60 seconds each. Learn how to make your time with each person on your team more valuable. Learn how to have more impact on each person on your team. Learn how to have more fun in your job as a coach, manager, and leader.

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Featured Guest

Frank Keck

Frank began his professional speaking career in 1990. Zig Ziglar is among the speakers that inspired him to pursue his passion. After time with Dale Carnegie, Frank has fine-tuned his skills to become an expert at dealing with people. His focus is on behavior change, whether he is delivering content on leadership, team-building, or culture shaping. Frank truly is the People Whisperer. Frank utilizes humor, encouraging audiences to be focused but not to take themselves too seriously, enjoying life while challenging themselves. He leaves audiences energized and enlightened with the skills to produce positive effects in their personal and professional lives. What makes Frank remarkable is.....

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