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Social Entrepreneur - Barb Stegemann

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One problem facing people at many levels of business is how to make time for a work life and a personal life. Do you find that one seems to keep getting in the way of the other? This is the work life balance with Rick Morris. Even if you're not involved in the business world, you'll have a lot to gain by tuning into today's show. Now, here is your host, Rick Morris.

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And welcome to another edition of the work life balance on this Friday afternoon. And as I teased last week, this is a super special edition. And so I'm going to forego my normal opening comments and just get right to our guests because her time is so valuable. We're so excited to have her with us. She first launched her perfume company the seven virtues in her garage, armed with only a dream to help war written nations rebuild. Just eight years later, it is now in an award winning social enterprise supporting suppliers in countries such as Afghanistan, Haiti in the Middle East, and the first And only Canadian brand to be sold through Sephora as clean as supportive fragrance space across North America. Through her inspiring entrepreneurial story, she shares powerful messages of triumphing over adversity and empowers her audiences to embrace their inner disrupter, a newsmaker. She was the first known to millions of Canadians when she landed a venture capital deal on CBC hit show Dragon's Den that's the shark tank to us Americans. And she was the first woman from Atlantic Canada to do so she went on to become the top game changer in the history of the popular reality show for creating her social enterprise. Since then, she has created hyper allergenic fragrances collections that have been celebrated in major media outlets around the world including Vogue, elle, Canada, Fast Company, Forbes, the cut, and women's. There we go women's wear daily, the Globe and Mail as well as CBC, CNN, Bloomberg and more. She's been named as one of Canada's top 100 most powerful women by w x n. One the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur The Year Award in the emergency in the emerging entrepreneur category of Atlantic Canada, was ranked as one of the profit guys magazine top 30 cool and fabulous Canadian entrepreneurs and trust me she's very cool and very fabulous and was also made the first female honorary colonel in the history of the 14 wing Greenwood base, Royal Canadian Air Force completing her term in 2015. She's also the author of a best selling book the seven virtues of a philosopher Queen now it's an in its eighth edition and the subject of a feature length award winning documentary per few more directed by Michael malsky. So let's bring her onto the show the great wonderful fabulous and somebody that's very dear to be barred segment How are you?

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I'm great. Rick, how are you

Rick A. Morris  2:45  
say I was a mouthful I normally do like five six minutes of like, you know coming in what happened over the week but you know, I needed all the time you take your bio out.

Barb Stegemann  2:54  
So great things here.

Rick A. Morris  2:55  
So you just came back from a really we were talking a little bit pre show but you just came back from a Really, really cold trip. Talk to us about that.

Barb Stegemann  3:03  
Yeah, I was in Puerto Rico hoping with the Clinton Global Initiative rebuilding conference and a moderated a panel on how to expand markets to Caribbean artists. And because often that it's a $34 billion industry. And yet there is lag behind because you're dealing with earthquakes, hurricanes, all kinds of disasters. And of course, the manmade disasters like corruption and those things that really keep countries like Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. How do you find solutions? And it was, it was just very special when I moderated the panel and met a woman who is supporting Haitian artists and and we had this great conversation but ending corruption and, and really serving our neighbors. And I said, you know, you should really run for office and she said, You know, I've been asked, she was asked by Oprah, she was asked by President Clinton, in that moment, that was it. She said, you know, you're right. It's time I thought, oh my god, and she signed me to the President, as you know, I'm going to go meet him Come with me. And that was it. They met and she's gonna run for office. And I just feel like there's hope in the universe when, when brave people step forward and say enough's enough, will not allow our neighbors to live in such poverty. And we hear the cries for help of our neighbors. And we serve them and I really feel like my life's work, all the things we do, really began a day, that's where it all starts. That's where the kickoff is, because now we make big sweeping change. Because ultimately, when you have corruption and harm out there, it hurts our troops are brave soldiers that go in to try to fix these messes. It hurts business. It hurts families, and it's not acceptable, and it's kind of my burning obsession and meet someone who cares that deeply and is really willing to go and take the action it was with history in the making, in my mind. And so it's a beautiful world when you see that kind of hope, you know.

Rick A. Morris  5:13  
And that's one of the big things I remember in our conversations that we've had previous is is just you're really fight against corruption. But before we get into that, talk a little bit about just introduce the audience. How did you create seven virtues, some of the steps that you took with your own government in order to create this social enterprise?

Barb Stegemann  5:30  
Yeah, you know, my issue was that a tragedy it's all about finding beauty in our suffering and the lesson in why things are sent to us with when my best friend was severely wounded in Afghanistan, he was serving in the army, and he was sitting in a peaceful Sharon, he was discussing how to bring clean drinking water and health care to the families the village and a man who didn't want to see his community have free thought or free will put a Taliban x through my best friends. And you know, we went on a healing journey. I made a lot of promises to him in the hospital. Every promised to my take on his mission of peace. And I realized I didn't have a way, you know, not a brave soldier and not a world leader. So I wrote a book, the seven virtues of a flush for queen to empower my sisters to run for office, lunch companies and bullying and now it's wonderful, both men and women read it, and just keep courage to people. And then I brought the piece to life. I read about this man in Afghanistan who was growing legal, orange blossom and rose to get the farmers off the legal pot being the Taliban knocked over his distillery as well. And I thought that's it. My best friend's mission will not be in vain and we will help you farmers and that's how we started I met with my Canadian government and ask them to help me find a dolla. And they connected with me with him and the the NGO that proved if you paid $1,000 for a liter of orange blossom oil used to get farmers off the illegal poppy crop, pay them twice the income and keep their daughters out of the drug lord Carm. And there's just so many benefits to doing ethical trade, the families of dignity and jobs and they're not illiterate and they when they remain in their communities and love their families and honor one another, and but any job and poverty. You know, I was raised in humble roots and poverty. And I think that, you know, a person can be pimped as easily as they can be mentored whoever looks in your eyes first. And it's really crucial that we're looking in people's eyes first and believing in them and having faith in them and empowering their parents to with meaningful work and dignity. And that's been the missing piece, you know, this business cavalry is is the solution. We can't keep expecting our brave troops to do all the heavy lifting and where are we as citizens to to bring that business cavalry so that's my mission is to ignite that business cavalry to come and do trade with families. And while doing that in nations, working with Rwanda working with Haiti, Afghanistan, these different countries, is where I started observing this corruption. I realized this is really the bigger problem. And now that we see it, how do we talk about it? How do we take action until I've been talking about it for 10 years, and so this past week, divinely Finally feel heard was, was very, very rewarding. And I just I have so much faith in the world again, to really beautiful to see brave people step up. It's not going to be an easy journey for but I feel like she's not alone and we're going to lift her and be there with her and you to have faith.

Rick A. Morris  8:20  
And so it wasn't very easy for you either to kind of get off the ground like nobody would really believe in your vision, your own government wasn't really helping you. How did you overcome that?

Barb Stegemann  8:29  
Well, my government was good to me that but I didn't really, that wasn't really the issue. Really, the issue was my own community. You know, it was made fun of, we have a tabloid that mocked me and your banks wouldn't give me alone. There were some friends that didn't believe in it, that sort of thing. And, and I just had to, you know, really connect with the fact that we all have gifts and we were given gifts that no one else has, and it's not our right to keep them to ourselves and, and, and and to be brave and to to share my service on this earth and I, I proceeded regardless, I put it on my visa card and launched it in my garage, you know, and it worked. And I believe that when you when you follow your instincts, and you do what's right, regardless of what people are saying, and you really drive it with your mission and your service to others and your responsibility, everything will always work out. It may not seem like it at first, but it will. And there we were within eight weeks who are on the front page of the global mail, which is our big national paper to our star. And then on Dragon's Den a couple of weeks after that, get my breakeven analysis in the first six weeks. It really was an exceptional example of really a faith driven idea of doing the right thing, even though it wasn't popular. And now it's really been you know, our time has come I guess, you know, I wasn't cool. I was doing it before it was cool, but I was doing the right thing to do.

Rick A. Morris  10:01  
Well, and I think that's the big thing, right, everybody now is starting to think about how to get into social enterprise which is, which is basically taking an existing company and trying to stave off their, their 10% or whatever to, to make them feel better that they're doing something for social enterprise versus, you know, building the, from the roots from the ground up. And really, building a business is truly supporting that. It's not just about giving money to this, this organization, it's about infusing them into your infrastructure where everybody grows.

Barb Stegemann  10:33  
That's right. That's right. It's not about charity. It's about dignity and jobs and, and it's really about it being in the DNA. It's the why, you know, it's the why you do it, not the halo after and what's refreshing is, you know, the generation of the millennials largest demographic on the planet and now Gen dead coming up, both my children fall into those demographics and and they own the buying power. Now they are, they are the future and you know, when you look at that, it gives great faith that, you know, we're on the right path, because nine out of 10 millennials will switch brands for one with a cause. And we have a cause. And so they can sniff something if it's not the real deal. And that's really good. I think it's, I think they keep us on it. And they are looking for the real thing. And they're, they're really critical and good. You know, they're but they also need to know, it's about taking action. We can't become armchair critics, you can't sit back and just complain about things. We can't just get on Instagram and moan about something. We can't just March, we actually have to take action and find solutions. And that's really important. And where our generation comes in, I'm Gen X. boomers above me is where we have to step in and be proper role models and examples. So that these young people also know that it's about action. It's about service. It's not about lip service.

Rick A. Morris  11:57  
What I think we're going to get into some of those actions that you been taking as well as what future actions are coming your way, but we're going to take a break right here you're listening to

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voice America business network

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you are tuned into the work life balance to reach McMorris or his guests today, we'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email Rick can be reached at our Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

Rick A. Morris  13:55  
And we're back to this edition of the work life balance. We're visiting with Barb stegman she's the Founder creator of seven virtues, perfumes, which you can find in all the supporters and wonder it's Macy's as well. Right Barbie Macy's?

Barb Stegemann  14:09  
I know it's a exclusive Sephora, but we're launching on QVC the shopping channel in April. Oh, wow.

Rick A. Morris  14:15  
Look at you. So let's let's get into that right, let's get into the action side. So you had this divine inspiration, you saw this guy doing orange blossoms and you get this idea. Talk us through how you went from that idea to building seven virtues.

Barb Stegemann  14:31  
Right. So, you know, I bought what little oil orange blossom oil he had on my visa card course because the banks wouldn't give me a loan. It was such a foreign concept. And then I went about trying to find a perfumer. Right, like sign up for a few or find someone to take my vision of sharing the notion of of transporting people to Afghanistan showing the beauty of the good people, you know, we only hear the negative, the media only shares the negative. We really need you know, we I think destruction so boring and I'm imaginative I think we should give them no energy those who destroy and only give energy to those who rebuilt. That's exciting right? So actually

Rick A. Morris  15:08  
I right there right there, BB that's interrupted but one of my favorite lines from a play called rent is they say the opposite. The opposite of war is in peace. The opposite opposite of destruction is created.

Barb Stegemann  15:23  
Exactly loved it. No imagination to destroy it takes no creativity, but rebuilding that's exciting and I joke that my my real job is to make rebuilding sexier than destruction. That's my real job and I just do it to proceed. And we're going to shine light on those afraid we're going to smell

Rick A. Morris  15:41  
good while we do it.

Barb Stegemann  15:44  
Damn right we are. And you know and so so it's interesting and it was it was so now you gotta do the work right? You get this great idea. And to me the saddest thing and when someone has a great idea and they don't execute God took action. So I started looking for a perfumer once. could help me convey the beautiful transport them to the beauty of Afghanistan along before the Taliban came in and we had, you know, women were journalists, they didn't have to cover their faces they were they were they were off teaching little girls were allowed to read your all these wonderful things were just very normal life and I want to transport people back to that time through the power of sent and I found a perfumer I communicated my vision. She helped me design it, she believed in the mission. And we launched and it worked. Six weeks later, we had broken even and then now it was about expansion. That's where Dragon's Den come in, came in, because, you know, I still wasn't at the level where I could properly invest and knock on the doors of a department store. And so, you know, I knew there'd be some beautiful PR involved, but I needed investment. And you know, I ended up finding my mentor, not just investor and Brett Wilson on the show, and he's really challenging Me in good ways and believed in me and, and didn't push me to have a fast exit strategy. He knew that we're in this for the long haul to make change in people's lives and honor a soldier's mission and make sure it was not in vain. And I think it's really beautiful, that he recognizes it's not just about the ROI, you know, we always hear about the ROI, what's your return on investment? He and I believe in the ROI Well, what's your return on love? What are you doing to make the world a better place, a safer place, a kinder place, a more loving place, place and more honorable place, and, and that's return on love. And so now we're changing the language out there in the business world. And that excites me too. When we share that when I want everyone listening to remember that when someone's challenging you and say, what's your ROI and pushing just for the numbers to say no, what's our What's our return on love? If you lead with the return on love, the return on investment will follow. I promise you, it can't fail you. There are certain guiding principles to it.

Rick A. Morris  18:00  
Wow, I love that. I love that so much. So after after Dragon's Den right in and you start to go out there, but one of the things that I have a lot of entrepreneurs that listen to this podcast, you know, and I'm kind of stuck there too is, a lot of times we feel like we can't afford to, to find that person to do that person. So therefore, we need to do it ourselves. Talk us out of that mess a little bit.

Barb Stegemann  18:24  
Yeah. You can't afford not to. I mean, I mean, I've taken perfumery courses over the years, but I didn't come into this with that knowledge. So yeah, hire the perfumer, you really have to and you know, it's about deciding whether you want to stay in a place where you're surviving, or do you want to move to a place where you're thriving? It's your decision. And you know, you gotta spend money to make money. It's about being smart with your money. I mean, what's really fascinating is there are ways you can barter you can use cooperative method, you can partner with other people. When you need resources. You can find the ways to find the kinds of talent you need, that you're that are not in your scope. So, you know, in the very beginning, I did all the bookkeeping, because we just simply did not have the budget. And then as the company grew, I was no longer able to do the kinds of things I'm better at which is PR, communicating sourcing going to these countries. And that's where we kind of bit the bullet and said, You know, we're going to have to hire a bookkeeper, we found someone that was reasonable, who could work, you know, in between her other job and and so that works for us and we still have her. We hired a big accounting firm to do the year end. And those are the kinds of things that are really important, you know, but a lot of the stuff we still do, we still do a lot of things. We found a really cool company though, Advil, that does all the sourcing now not just not of our farmers, we still do the farming sourcing, but in terms of bottles and caps and boxes and getting us the best deal. We pay very small, monthly depend, and they go sourcing and they've saved me. Two days, in six months. they've saved me. $60,000 $60,000 and it cost me 3000. Wow. So it's very crucial that you, you step back and examine your whole company. Look at the pieces that you know, am I wasting all my time looking for cap because I took a long time to find the right cap for the perfume bottle could could run you weeks and weeks and weeks. I'm not kidding. And so if that's what your bog What is your bug, that was my bug. And we found this sourcing company that does all that work for me. It changed everything, and then saved us measurably. $60,000. So now we're talking now we've got the power to instead of buying 5000 books, we bought 20,000 books. Why not? We've made so much saving in having a better spirit. My chain and also having someone else go find a provider, I still stay very involved. But I would never have found that that printer on my own and also or bottle supplier and you know as another cost prohibitive thing sampling, something that we have to do in our industry, I couldn't do it would have cost me a quarter of a million dollars. I don't have that money. Well, I don't have that money just to blow on that, that's for sure. Right. So we the same company found us a provider that would do it for like 30% of the price. And we were able to negotiate Yeah, we're able to negotiate to with our partners and we were able to make it happen. And and and I think that's the thing. You can't just sort of say Oh, it's too expensive and buy into the midst of something. There's always a solution. There's always a way to save money. There's always a way to get the bug and let someone else do something so you can go and be great. And what your gifts are. Again, I'm still not obviously I'm not averse to carry boxes and helping out and doing everything that you do in the run of a day. We all wear many hats. We still will for a long time. So very often on social media on Instagram, it's me or it's my son. It's really us. And people will say, Is that really you writing me back? Yes, really? Me? Of course it is. Because it's real. And that's not something I'm going to hand over. It's time consuming, but it's worth it. We meet so many lovely people in social media, we get to help people in beautiful ways. But yeah, I'm not handing that over to there are certain things that are still very time consuming, but they're very important because they're real in their personal and their relationship building. So you have to evaluate. Now, if I was spending half my day looking for Captain sprayers, I couldn't have that beautiful conversation with someone on social media and help them out of some of their challenges. So you just just have to go into your own company and evaluate, you know, what am I give what they set out to do? What am I really great at? And then what am I not what's bogging me and I'm not enjoying and how can I look outside of the box and find somebody to help me with And not break the bank and have almost immediate savings, right? And then now you thrive you go from surviving to thriving.

Rick A. Morris  23:09  
But I think there's energy in the story as well. Right? So I mean, having such a purpose driven story of why that that people are going to line up to want to help and get involved and Is that true or have you been finding that to be hard as well?

Barb Stegemann  23:27  
No, yeah, anyone that hears about us soon as a year about us, they love our story. And then when they The other thing was social enterprise that's crucial is we make an excellent product it we doubled the fragrance oils that's really really expensive, but it's worth doing because it's a natural scent. We don't have the harmful chemicals. we infuse it with organic sugar cane alcohol, that's very expensive. We should be charging a lot more for our product, but I don't because I believe all the whole process in the supply chain. We must be gracious and kind. I don't want the vegan girl giving up her lunch money to buy my roller ball. I want her to be a little more It. So we are very sensitive right? In every way I could, I could fetch more I could fetch more, but I refused to because that's not right. We're not here to get rich, we're here to help people, right and staying true to that mission of lifting people extend right out to the Sephora stores and making sure that every beauty adventure that we train is good about her life, gets my book and goes off and lives her his dreams. And that's crucial to us. It never ends. It's always it's always it's the why. And that's really beautiful. And for that reason, we're, you know, the number one new selling Queen, it's a for a perfume, but we don't have the marketing budgets of the other people. We cannot afford the billboards. We cannot get out in front of everybody like everyone else can and that's okay. Because you know what those who hear about us love us and they support us. And we're good with that. We're really happy and the more that people tell others about us, it's all word of mouth. It's all word of mouth. That's how we do it. And it works because I'm not going to spend the money. On really expensive billboards when I've got farmers to support, so that's just not going to happen. Yeah, I have priority over it. Right. Right. Right. Like it's just not what I'm going to do. And and, you know, I still haven't drawn a salary in 10 years labor love. I've been living off my books. Yeah, but and it's an interesting business model, when you can create something like having a book, or something else that is your product that you can live off of, and allows you to really dream big and play and, and adventure and take risks. Because you're not counting on that money for your mortgage or your children's University. So I'm in a very interesting place with my self published book, but it's a self published book, may it's not through a big publisher, and we've been living off my book for 12 years. That's, that's really lovely, you know, to be able to share a message, empower others through the book, and then to be able to have the luxury of of this social enterprise. And to really live my dreams. I get a frog in my throat when I think about I mean It's been a long labor of love. And we consider the seven virtues to be one of our children, we love it deeply. And we just nurture it and take care of it and help it grow. And, you know, it's just and I think if you think of your company because a corporation is an entity, it's a hue, it's almost like an individual, then really nurture your company like what you would want if your children love it and just invest in it and nurture it and care for it and help it become beautiful being that it needs to be lift others that's that's how I see it. That's our whole family sees that my children grew up around the seven virtues. Now my son works with me. You know, we started the book when the perfume company when he was 14, and now he's been working with us since he graduated from high school, and he's a huge and important member of our team. In fact, we didn't have a lot of resources. He's natural photographer. And so for a mentor him and he did a photo this week that got the most engagement in all of the posts from Sephora and that's that's actually very important when there's a 18 million followers, up against brands with big studios. Big marketing teams were many, many people work on that one photo, and there is Victor with his light. downstairs, his BlackBerry's taken his photos He said he'd never eaten that many blackberries in his life. He had to get more Blackberry. And you know, that's our real life. And I'm very proud of that. I'm very proud of that resourcefulness. And we weren't that good in the beginning with our social media, but we stayed the course we didn't hand it over to other people. We said no, this matters to us and we are now top of our game and that and then that's never good enough is it must continue to stretch we must continue never rest on our laurels let's let's keep you know how better can we what else can we do? That's the joy right? That's the kicker. You know

Rick A. Morris  27:47  
what I love about you Barbies when you get on a roll like this was a while back, but when he says he I don't want a vegan girl to treat him or safer lunch money for a robot and you just blow right on by that it just rolls right off your tongue. We're gonna take a break right here we're gonna be right back with the work life balance.

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voice America business network

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you are tuned into the work life balance or his guest today we'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email Rick can be reached at our Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance

Rick A. Morris  29:57  
and we're back to the work life balance this Friday. Afternoon visiting with Barb stegman. She's the founder CEO of seven virtues, perfumes and barbecue and I got to meet actually I think it was the great Patty k hen rat that had nominated you for the transformational leader award through the john Maxwell team. And so we love it. Yeah, we got the opportunity to do an interview there for that and and you're so gracious. I mean you honestly you. You had a half an hour conversation you met with me the day that we were doing the awards and you kept in touch you're just you're so sweet about that. And making always feels

Barb Stegemann  30:36  
horrible. Rick, you are adorable. You're easy to love.

Rick A. Morris  30:40  
I appreciate you But But what was interesting is we got that special lunch with john right. It was just john and the kind of the people handling but it was really about your time with john and you really hit him on corruption. It was so cool to watch but when Why don't you talk about some of your feelings around the corruption and kind of what you were? Because he was asking you, what can I do for you? And I think you asked him to step up and start fighting corruption with you, right?

Barb Stegemann  31:13  
Like, take us, take us a BB, you know, what is it really that you really, you know, tried you feel as United says, well, john, you know, we really have to end world corruption. And that's my mission. I'm obsessed with it. And I said, Are you with me, john? I'm with you. And he said, we have to continue this conversation and call the dinner. You could just see his whole team was like, um, we gotta do something. Everybody.

Rick A. Morris  31:40  
We're having dinner tonight. All the sudden, yeah, eight people start running out of the room. Yeah.

Barb Stegemann  31:45  
You know, I got to sit beside them during that dinner. And I'll tell you, I'd love to be able to tell them what happened this week with what we're doing in Haiti. Now. I it's actually coming true. It's happening less than a year later. And that mission that vision once we articulate statement we wish to happen and manifest itself, you know?

Rick A. Morris  32:04  
Well, I promise you this, if you get me the message, I'll pass that on to mark Cole. And I think it'd be interesting to kind of keep your email,

Barb Stegemann  32:12  
Rick, send you an email, just for the updates so he can know it is firmly implanted and in and he reignited me with that support and that face because not everyone really understands what I mean. And he got it. He got it so much that he said, Let's go we're going to continue this conversation. And we did. And here we are less than a year later making it happen.

Rick A. Morris  32:35  
Yeah. And Jon Jon's been, you know, big proponent of saying we can't wait for the government to make change. Like if we're going to make change, we got to do it. We got to change it in our own community better change it out there. But talk a little bit about just your feelings of what's happening out there.

Barb Stegemann  32:49  
out in the world, you mean

Rick A. Morris  32:50  
Yeah. The corruption that you've seen? Yeah.

Barb Stegemann  32:53  
Which is very sad. You know, I was in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew. I was teaching within marketing very small. startups. It helps me just it's just so good when you can volunteer and help people and realize your problems really aren't that big let's let's go lift others and and while I was there, friends of mine gathered from an NGO afterwards after a long day, they were kind of sad and they were sharing how breaks my heart this entire boatload of aid after the hurricane, you know, wipe out everything there's nothing left not a mango stick standing and this entire boat motivated Norwegian boat motivated of all the charitable the dinners, had raised tons of money for for water and food and supplies and clothing and all the things desperately needed by these good people. And the boat came in the salvation they could see it and as it pulls into the south into the board, the official was so corrupt. They asked for a bribe so big the boat didn't have the money to turn the boat away, turned all that a fade away. And that's when I get angry. That's what I said enough. Enough, this will not happen, and became quite obsessed with ending corruption talking about it. And I talked about it to everyone, as you can see whether it's john Maxwell, whether it's at the with President Clinton and Secretary Clinton and magalie dress in Haiti, and now my panel there in Puerto Rico this week, just keep talking about it. And the more we talk about it, the more you find others that believe in that with you and say, you know, we can't as citizens expect our military to do all the heavy lifting, where are we to get down to the root of it, and really liberate countries from this kind of corruption, they can become self sufficient, take care of their own. You know, one of the hardest things to think about is that in Haiti, there are so many orphans, so many children abandoned. There are children in the streets. A friend of mine, a journalist, he was there reporting he told me about this. I didn't see it at night because obviously it's not safe to go out. But he shared this with me there are children, small children. They've been attacked, abandoned, are violated nightly. And they literally walk around with knives like animal savages terrified every night. And that is not acceptable. And to think that a government actually takes all that aid money doesn't help those children. None of us can sit by passively to the root of it is to empower good people to win, honor their country and serve it. And we have to support that. And and and I'll tell you, we met some folks from the international development banks and they were giving up they were pulling out. No, no, no, no, no, we never give up. We never give up. So as as frustrating as it was to hear, people were pulling up and giving up to them to this bright light to speak in this woman who wants to serve her country. You know, Oprah asked her to serve President Clinton turn. I'm kind of honored that she said yes, when I asked her all

Rick A. Morris  36:00  
You're more persuasive than either those two. So that's just,

Barb Stegemann  36:03  
you know, like my husband took a photo of us the moment we met, and you could just see something very magical and almost like a light over her. And I and it was, you could not help but feel that God was in the room. And I will never forget that moment. And I'm very excited. And I'm just completely reignited about taking this on. When you meet other people, we actually pitch to have a panel on corruption at the next CGI conference and gather some of the top leaders on it and really start talking about it. And and

Rick A. Morris  36:39  
when I think it does start, at least with awareness and discussion, I think everybody turns a blind eye because it may not be their backyard. But

Barb Stegemann  36:49  
it's also Yeah, it's also daunting. A lot of people think they gloss over because they think it's too big, but I use Cathedral thinking and critical thinking is very important. You What an architect of a cathedral, designed his Cathedral. He knew he would never see the steeples of this glorious building touch the heavens where people take refuge because it takes 400 to 700 years to build a cathedral, but he knew it was worth doing. And so he drafted his plans. he communicated his vision, and others believed in the vision, and four to 700 years later, depending on the gorgeous Cathedral, there's the magic and we get to benefit from that. So when we apply Cathedral thinking to something like corruption, I know I will never see the end of it in my lifetime. But I'm very proud to be a part of the foundation. And I believe that we communicate enough through Cathedral thinking, we will soon into it and we will erase it from the earth. And and and hear the cries of our brothers and sisters and ensure that they don't go unheard. And one of the greatest vehicles to do that is social enterprise and business. And it gives me a lot of room to do things that go beyond my body. line. So when I'm at a panel like that I'm not earning money, there's no income. It's I'm not selling books. It's the clock not ticking, but I'm doing my return on love my journey, my life, made it all fit in. It all works out. And I think the greater you take on a cause and the greater you take on your service, the stronger your business becomes.

Rick A. Morris  38:21  
It's I've never heard the cathedral thinking before that's, that's beautiful. And you know, john? Oh, yeah, john says he'd rather die, trying something that's way larger than him then to live without trying. And that's always been something that's kind of stuck with me. But the cathedral thinking made that so visual for me, that's such a beautiful reference,

Barb Stegemann  38:42  
right? It's all about finding the right words, so we can help one another. Let go of the myths that we've been taught, and really see the truth and the light, and it's all through finding the right word. And once we find those beautiful words, whether it's return on love, not just returned This Cathedral thinking, finding these beautiful terms and sharing them with one another, I think is the most glorious gift. Because now we can articulate it. I couldn't agree more.

Rick A. Morris  39:11  
So we're going to take our final break right here we're going to have a final segment with BB segment. You're listening to the work life balance with Rick Moore's.

Unknown Speaker  39:25  
When it comes to business, you'll find the experts here, voice America business network.

VoiceAmerica  39:32  
Are you getting the most out of your project management software. In many cases, it is not the software that is failing, but the implementation limitations or processes surrounding the use of that software. r squared can analyze your current use and help improve your return on investment. Our square can also suggest the best software for your organization and goals and assist in the selection implementation and training. allow our square to ensure that you are Getting the value of your investment, visit r squared today Are you frustrated with the overall productivity of your project management processes? Do you lack consistency and project delivery? r squared consulting provides end to end services to assist companies of all sizes and realizing and improving the value of project management. Whether you want to build a project management office, train project managers or learn how to bring the oversight and governance to your project processes. r squared has tailored best practices to help you in all areas of project management, visit r squared consulting com.

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Rick A. Morris  41:11  
and we're back for our final segment of the work life balance that I don't want it to be our last segment so we may just go on for hours and hours more we we threaten this before BB that you and I were just going to kick off our own show and just just talk just how do people find you? And of course when is QVC kick it off?

Barb Stegemann  41:31  
Yeah, well they find us on the website is th e and the digit seven so you don't spell it out virtue. So the seven virtues calm is our website. Our documentary is perfu at the beautiful story won Best humanitarian film the Sedona Film Fest was played to audiences all across the USA and Canada and Rick, I can send you the link if you want to give your your listeners of freedom Movie instead of having to pay for on iTunes, I'm happy to do that I can send that to you right after we get off the phone. Yeah. And really, it's no longer my story and Captain green story becomes your story. How do you push through to get to your excellence? Because life isn't always going to go to plan? And how do we find the beauty in our suffering, and I feel that it's a beautiful story and empowers people to continue the conversation. So someone listening could say, you know, that really intrigued me, I'd like to share that with some friends and family. So movie night and watch it and have a discussion to have some Kleenex. But it also gives you hope at the end. So that's, that's something else you'd like to share with you. So I'll get that link over to you. And QVC begins in April, which is just thrilling. I'm very excited because of the it's very, you know, TV oriented, we can use the visuals and share our farmers and, and really have a platform to tell our story. So so I'm just honored that they reached out to us and yeah, it's just all going to keep this movement very, very blessed.

Rick A. Morris  42:56  
That's fantastic. I'm excited to see the results from that for sure. What's some of the best advice you've ever received?

Barb Stegemann  43:04  
Yeah, you know, a mentor of mine told me years ago, and it seems some negative at the time, but I get it now was to not be at the whim of other people's agenda. And I didn't really think that people would have other agendas for me, but knowing right, other people will have agendas their agenda. But if you don't have a mission statement for your life, and where you're taking your life, you will be at the whim of others. So it's very crucial to have a personal mission statement, where you take your life and it will guide you and it goes on autopilot. And your my mission statement is to obtain the wisdom of Solomon by the time I'm 96, I'm going to make mistakes, that's okay. But I follow the smart people, I asked good questions, and kind to myself, and, and it and its really led me to so many beautiful mentors, because I want that wisdom as well. But you don't be the smartest person you don't have to be the richest person I was raised in poverty. But if you know where you're going, you'll get there. And if you know where you're going, no one can knock you off it. So this notion of not being at the whim of other people's agendas, now, in my more mature years, it makes sense. I can't It was one of the best things I was told in my younger years, even though I didn't understand it at the time. I've since incorporated and digested so yeah,

Rick A. Morris  44:21  
yeah, it's pretty layered. It's pretty deep, because it could be just, you know, don't don't get interrupted off your mission, but then also don't allow people to, I know so many people that will lose a whole day because somebody said something off handed to them. They're thinking of a reaction or what have you. And that person is not even thinking about the reaction any further. Right? They didn't care. Yeah, they could care less. But it's like ruin their whole day stressed about it. Yeah. I think

Barb Stegemann  44:48  
that's beautiful. And they've handed over their power. They handed over their power, their dignity, right? No, don't hand that over. No one takes that from you, but you've got to own it. If you know where you're going. No one will take it from you. Obviously a person who does that doesn't know where they're going. So the next time someone tells you I call it victim chic someone's whining and moaning gore means persons inducible mee mee mee mee mee mee take you obviously, have no mission statement for your life because you're letting that person take your dignity and power from you. Go away and reflect.

Rick A. Morris  45:20  
Be there done that go away and reflect

Barb Stegemann  45:23  
and reflect and go have a purpose for your life? You know, God gave you gifts to put you on this earth not to waste your time. Wow,

Rick A. Morris  45:31  
yeah, so love But hey, somebody's got to do it. If nobody it's gonna be BB we've already seen

Barb Stegemann  45:39  
the X ray you tell them to call me

Rick A. Morris  45:49  
any final words for the audience?

Barb Stegemann  45:52  
Oh, just you know watch your movie. You know protect your joy. Stay curious and and know that you have the answers. Trust your instincts have faith. You were born with answers and you're never alone. Right? Just keep having faith in your service on the service and, and you'll get there. It'll be all right and try to find the beauty in the suffering because the suffering will come and find the reason the lesson and there will be beautiful gifts.

Rick A. Morris  46:18  
Wow. And that's coming from from somebody who's overcome a tremendous amount so far.

Barb Stegemann  46:24  
But I'm sure this baby.

Rick A. Morris  46:26  
Yeah, go ahead. I was just saying I'm hoping what we've heard so far is the easy stuff. Like I can't wait to see what what's in the future for BB.

Barb Stegemann  46:34  
Oh, I'm excited too. And there's going to be challenges. You know, there's gonna be roadblocks, there's going to be people that don't like my ideas. That's okay. That's all right. Sometimes you're ahead of your time. That's all right. I'm very okay with it. Because I feel blessed that I'm even on this journey. And I get to be here. They have all these wonderful resources now to go and be changed and I have a voice. So as long as they have a voice, as long as I can walk as long as I can breathe. There's a gift in all this suffering and so is going to come? Okay. We'll find beauty in it.

Rick A. Morris  47:04  
It's so Matter of fact, that's why I love about juice just fine. And that's that's, I think so many people look for?

Barb Stegemann  47:13  
Well, that's it. I mean, it's still like philosophy, right? It may I wrote a book on it based on Plato and Socrates and Churchill and all the boys use that going through war and strife. I think we should teach it again, I think the humanities need to be taught. I don't think there's enough people learning this in school, how to protect a joy, those things we need to really bring that back. And it's the foundation of any philosophical life. Life is philosophical direction. And it's there for all of us. And it's free. These philosophers, they labored hard for this wisdom, and it's all there for us to read. Go to your library, read it and go online on Kindle. It's free, cost nothing. What I love is, you know, we've heard this quote before that your character is your destiny. And I love that it comes from One thing to build your character, and that's where all this comes into play. Just keep building your character and integrity. And it costs nothing. But it will lead you fully to your destiny.

Rick A. Morris  48:13  
Oh bar we can't thank you enough. Thank you so much for blessing us with the show and coming on visiting for a whole hour with us it I don't know had a whole hour to do anything else recently so

Barb Stegemann  48:24  
well no, this was this was really nice. And I love talking to you, Rick, I miss you. I want to hang out with you some more. So we should arrange that but now I'm going to go make candles. That's my sort of relaxing Friday evening thing I'm very excited. I hope everybody has hobbies out there and gets away from their work and you know, just does something to let loose and have fun. And I just go give candles to people. It's my favorite thing. There you go. This

Rick A. Morris  48:47  
is this is the last thing I do every week is this radio show shut the laptop time to go have a beer. Oh, relaxing, right? So it's, it's it's a nice blessing to have this shows going on what four years now. So

Barb Stegemann  49:00  
Wow, congratulations. Well, I hope everyone out there listening if they don't have a tradition on Friday or a ritual to go find one, and take that special time to go and, and, and just, you know, self care

Rick A. Morris  49:13  
and we hope that includes the work life balance as well. So next week we've got we've got Anthony Donovan coming in Anthony's a character. he's a he's a fan of I met him through the Mickey Mouse Club experiences and he's got so much depth. He's such a funny guy, comedy writers, you know, been on TV does a lot of great stuff. And so I invited him onto the show. He's going to be a fantastic show. So we'll have Anthony on next week. The week after that. We'll see what happens I may do a replay but I'll be doing an internship prep day at my high school, as I like to get back to the seniors of the high school. So that's what we'll be doing on the 13th But otherwise, keep listening to voice America and other great shows coming on right after And we'll talk to you guys next Friday right here on the work life balance.

VoiceAmerica  50:07  
Thank you for joining us this week. The work life balance with reg Morris can be heard live every Friday at 2pm pacific time and 5pm eastern time on The Voice America business channel. Now that the weekend is here, it's time to rethink your priorities and enjoy it. We'll see you on our next show.

Are you frustrated with the overall productivity of your project management processes? Do you lack consistency and project delivery? r squared consulting provides end to end services to assist companies of all sizes and realizing and improving the value of project management. Whether you want to build a project management office train project managers or learn how to bring the oversight and governance to your project processes. r squared has tailored best practices to help you in all areas of project management, visit r squared consulting com Are you getting the most out of your project management software. In many cases, it is not the software that is failing, but the implementation limitations or processes surrounding the use of that software. r squared can analyze your current use and help improve your return on investment. r squared can also suggest the best software for your organization and goals and assist in the selection implementation and training. allow our square to ensure that you are getting the value of your investment, visit r squared today

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