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The Power of Human Connection - Scott Aaron

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One problem facing people at many levels of business is how to make time for a work life and a personal life. Do you find that one seems to keep getting in the way of the other? This is the work life balance with Rick Morris. Even if you're not involved in the business world, you'll have a lot to gain by tuning into today's show. Now, here's your host, Rick A. Morris,

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and welcome to a Good Friday edition of the work life balance. So excited to have everybody along with us. I know you know, almost the whole world is quarantine. So what better way to spend time that hang out with us in the work life balance? And here's some some great guests and we have a doozy for you this week. I'm really, really excited to talk to this gentleman. He's an internationally acclaimed and award winning network marketer, author podcaster speaker, kind of kind of the same dude in my world kind of do a little bit of everything right? But he is a go to specialist when it comes to converting traffic especially stablishing connections, creating residual income using leak linked leads generation and building personal brands. He is fully immersing himself and learning link leads generation social media strategies, and he quickly is gained traction as a leader in generating big results for other network marketers, online business owners and business coaches. He's passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve success while building their own network organically and without complicated and costly marketing tactics. And for most of our guests. We're talking right to you got tons of entrepreneurs, tons of marketing people, tons of coaches, tons of small business owners, so I couldn't think of a better guest to bring on this Good Friday, then Scott, Aaron Scott, how you doing sir? Rick doing

Scott Aaron  1:43  
fantastic. Happy Good Friday to you as well. And just an honor and a pleasure to be here today.

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Well, so you do a podcast as well. And so I think one of the things that you can relate to me is like, I'd love finding somebody who's going to teach you me just as much as the audience right now. We have this opportunity Dig in. I love your your lead in about creating human connection. And doing through this podcast into the radio show that I've been doing forever now. I've made more friends and more connections and more people to be able to impact so I thank you for taking the time, even on a holiday for most people to come in. But you know, as small business owners, we really don't have holidays. There's really just no such thing as his holidays for us. But that's because from a work life balance perspective, when you do what you love, there's really not a blurred line there is that fair to say?

Scott Aaron  2:32  
There's I don't feel what I do as a job. It's not a half two, it's a to get to, I get to, I get to do what I do every single day. I want to get up every single day and go do it. It's I don't have to do anything. And I think that's the the big thing right now. And I think you touched on this the the entire world is quarantined right now. And I do focus on human connection. And there's a whole backstory to that. But the two things and I spoke about this earlier today on a Facebook LinkedIn video that I did is that, you know, the world is craving two things right now. They're craving connection, and they're craving community now more than ever, and you can see what's happening. You know, I celebrate Passover. So we did an online Seder. And I know a lot of my Catholic friends are going to be doing Easter dinner through zoom with their families. So we're bobbing and weaving through this through this, but you can see now that we can't connect with each other. You know, we've been so socially distracted with social media, but now we realize how important human connection really is and how being part of something is even more impactful and empowering than ever.

Rick A. Morris  3:49  
Yeah, I think we see two big metrics come out of this right one is the divorce rates gonna go way up. And then on the flip side, much stronger families. You know, I've talked a lot first of all the house And get to I do that from stage I have to go to a meeting or do you get to go to a meeting? And I have to go to my job or do you get the opportunity right and I think a lot of people are hitting you know, becoming face to face with a lot of those realities right now as as kind of our whole world has changed in that scenario. But let's get into let's we'll leave some of the banter and stuff because I really kind of want to get into when you say the power of human connection, and that there was a backstory there. What is that backstory? Why is that that power of human connection so important to you?

Scott Aaron  4:32  
Yeah. So you know, I've always been a social person growing up as a kid, I, you know, I played a lot of sports and it was an athlete, so I was always used to being into the team environment and love being around people. You know, my group of friends I, I still talk to, you know, my seven closest friends since kindergarten. We still get together every few months, but a lot of that came to a head when I was 18 and a half going on 19 I'm a fourth generation entrepreneur. So I always tell people that I've been psychologically unemployable since day one. I've sure I've never had a boss, I've only ever worked for myself. And that's, it's a blessing because I've learned how to create some amazing things in my life. So, my father when he was leaving one of the businesses that he owned and partnered with someone else to work for them. That was a little bit strange. But to make a long story short, he fell into a bad deal. He ended up getting caught in the middle of an insurance fraud case that was valued at around $9.5 million that landed my father in federal prison for two and a half years. And he was the backbone not only of our family, but he was the backbone of the business and knowing that his fate was in front of him. He actually six months prior to going away. He bought a failing gym in downtown Philadelphia. And unbeknownst to me that Jim was going to be turned over to me as a sophomore in college at Temple University. And that was kind of my introduction into entrepreneurship. So I was kind of thrown to the wolves so to speak, but also, I had to learn how to lead. I had to learn how to run a business I had to learn how to manage people and and guide people through the responsibilities but in being in the gym business, and then becoming a sports nutritionist and personal trainer, I fell in love with people. And you know, we were the cheers of gyms. We knew everybody by first name, we had gym parties and and I understood the power of connection. And through my 18 years of owning three gyms and personal training more than 65,000 hours. I learned that I had a gift at solving people's problems. People would come to me I want to lose weight. I want to gain muscle. I want to focus on this and I would form that Trust in that rapport with them. And that relationship with them where the wall of resistance would come down, they would fully immerse themselves in myself and my teachings, and therefore they would achieve their goals. And I realized that no matter what's going on with the advent of social media or technology, the number one business building tool for any business that requires people for it to grow, is human connection. And, again, it took me a while to come to realize all this because I was then introduced to network marketing in 2013, where I then took my business from, you know, offline to online, and grew a whole other separate business but then wrapped back around in 2015 2016, to understanding that I was missing an integral part of growing that business which was human connection because a lot of people use Facebook and Instagram they post and pray they scroll and troll and they hope people reach out to them and on the connector. That's what I love doing. I love creating connection. And I found that LinkedIn was the best avenue for me. And it literally took my business to places that I never thought it could ever go. And in the interim, I ended up creating a system and a program that I was now able and I continue to teach others how to achieve the same thing.

Rick A. Morris  8:22  
It's interesting some of our parallels, so my father was diagnosed with cancer on my 18th birthday was gone before I was 19. And so having that kind of father figure and hopefully, you know, he's back and he's out and things are good. You know, I lost that that that total connection and in almost search for that ever since. Yeah. Like you any of the issues or things that I've had growing up or as an adult now I can almost ferried it back to not having pops around. But I mean, that can lead to some really good personal accomplishments as well. It's a way to believe in yourself. And kind of beyond your own to find out what your worth, did you feel that the same way?

Scott Aaron  9:04  
Well, you know, I learned two things to be resilient and to overcome obstacles. Because, you know, life is not a straight line. There's ups and downs. And, you know, my father and I have repaired our relationship, but there was so much, you know, there were two gyms that we sold for a million dollars. And in 2003, we opened up a third location in 2004. I had to finance the entire thing myself because my parents had no credit. I ended up being $1.5 million in liability debt Three years later, him and I ended up having a falling out in 2014. We didn't talk for nearly two years, I had to file for personal bankruptcy just to get out of the situation that I was in. So there was a lot of ups and downs, but you have to flow through life like water. And what I find that a lot of people do is when they're when they're facing adversity, or they're facing a challenge, they go into fight or flight where they, they build a dam. And they just get stuck in that little area of their life, and they never end up progressing through it. And I realized that, you know, we get kinks in our hoses all the time. And I had to literally work through all that. And and I did and you know, we reformed our relationship, we're back to father and son. But I think what the audience and the listeners need to understand is that there are so many lessons to be learned in life, there are so many wonderful things to take away from the darkest moments, because all it does is teach you how to succeed. A quote that I always live by is your failures, always open the doors to your successes. And that's so true that the faster you fail, the faster you succeed, and I think when people can come to that, as a core foundation, there is nothing that's going to happen to you in life that you're not going to be able to get through

Rick A. Morris  10:59  
it. What am I meant to is Dr. Robert Rome. And when you were talking about kind of being in that dam, and in that circle, he says life is just going to keep giving you the same test over and over until you pass it. And then once you pass it, it's a new test. There's never clean sailing. But if you get a pass or fail, and until you can learn to deal with that issue, life's just gonna keep throwing it right at you. So if it's failed relationships, failed businesses, bad with money, whatever those things are, it's just gonna keep hitting you right in the face until you figure a way out of it. I thought that was that was really big advice for me. We're gonna hang out with Scott all day here on this on the show. We can't wait to get into it a little bit more. I definitely want to get into the system. I know a lot of our coaches and entrepreneurs want to hear how you built some of that stuff on LinkedIn. We'll do that right after the break here. You're listening to Rick Morris on the work life balance.

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From the boardroom to you, voice America business network.

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You are tuned in to the work life balance to reach Rick A. Morris or his guest today, we'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email Rick can be reached at our Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

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And we're back to the work life balance on this Friday afternoon talking with Scott Aaron Scott is an entrepreneur himself. Fellow podcaster we actually you just mentioned that we met I got a LinkedIn speaking of LinkedIn I got a LinkedIn from from a gentleman says hey, there's this new site go check it out. And I'm one for new technology love to do that and turned out to we're just But it turned out to be gold. From there. I think I've gotten probably 10 or 12 guests been on three or four different podcasts. Really cool little tool. But let's get into LinkedIn Ray, because I think a lot of people tread water on that. I think they get really, really, really busy. They do a lot of really good stuff, but it's not really getting results. What are some of your one or two keys without giving away your program by like, one or two really cool. If I if I encroach on that you just smacked my head

Scott Aaron  14:26  
out? I'm not I'm always an open book. You can I

Rick A. Morris  14:29  
am. I am, too. I just wanted to put that out there for protection in the first place. But yeah, give us a couple of key tips or what people may be doing wrong on LinkedIn.

Scott Aaron  14:39  
Well, before I get into what people were doing wrong, let me let me go what they can do. Right and and, you know, some of the best businesses are created at what it seems like by accident, but really on purpose. So going back to what I said earlier, I was feeling this need for human connection and I was being pulled away. From that with Facebook and Instagram, and in the business that i was growing my network marketing business, which is a form of coaching and consulting and team building, one of my first mentors, Susan sly said to me, she said, you know, you got to look in the mirror and you got to ask yourself, how are you going to connect with yourself today? And it was like one of those big lightbulb moments, I'm like, Oh my God, that's it. I'm not. I'm not just looking for consumers and customers. I'm looking for other business minded people just like me, other entrepreneurs, other other online business coaches, other nutritionist, gym owners, personal trainers, and, and I was at a conference, and the gentleman that was speaking called all these top leaders up on stage and he said, you know, go go to this whiteboard and write down the amount of conversations you've had to have to get to where you are, and the smallest number I saw with 7000 conversations. And I said to myself, well, if I'm going to focus on my work, Market Facebook and Instagram, I am in deep trouble. And then I remember I had this LinkedIn profile, hadn't touched it in years, got on there, change some things around profile. And then I started searching and connecting for other trainers like me and messaging them. And they started responding back and I started setting up calls and 10 calls a week. 20 calls a week, 40 calls a week, and then my business started to grow. I reached out to a friend of mine, I said, Joey, I think I have something here. And I reached out to him and I said, Listen, go on LinkedIn, do A, B, and C of what I knew at the time and let me know what happens. Two weeks later, he reaches out to me and he says, Call me so I did. And I said what's up and he goes, listen, whatever you discovered, whatever you're doing, it works. He goes, I have 14 appointments booked this week. He goes, you should be teaching this and at that at that very same moment. Two things happen. Number one, I was on a live podcast. It was a live dial call and I was going over For all the statistics of LinkedIn, and for people that need to you guys need to know that there's three things that you need to know about social media when you're looking to market for customers, client acquisition, b2b b2c, or what I call h, h, human to human. And it's the average age, the income and the size of the network that you can grow Facebook and Instagram are the same 18 to 29 years old. $30,000 a year or less income, and you're only allowed 5000 friends on Facebook and Instagram has the highest rate of fake accounts to real accounts on all social media. Then you look at LinkedIn average ages 30 to 55. average income is 75 to $100,000 a year and you're allowed 30,000 connections. And when I looked at these numbers, it just made sense. So I get off this call, and I have eight inboxes on Facebook of people wanting to hire me for what I didn't know but as I opened all of the the inboxes It was like can you teach me LinkedIn? Can you change Me LinkedIn. And basically that was the birth of it and I created a video program. And that's basically turned into a full time coaching practice. But the second thing that happened I was reading this book by Andrea waltz and Richard Fenton, and it's called go for know, it's the number one sales book written. Andrea has become a good friend of mine over the last couple of years he was on my podcast, and it teaches you about your failure quotient.

The more that you fail, the more that you succeed people are going for Yes. When you have to go for the word know the people that hear the word know the most are also going to win because you're eventually going to hear the word yes the most. So most people were doing it backwards. I just want to hear Yes, I just want to hear Yes. No, you want to hear no, because if you're going for the yeses, you're going to stop as soon as you get one but if you go for no, and you set a goal 20 nose per week and it's Wednesday and you've only been heard hear heard no 10 times. You still have 10 more noes to get to. So I basically didn't Branston, I'm like, this is it. The reason why every entrepreneur, whether you're a business coach, whether you're a consultant, whether you're in sales, the only reason why you're not achieving the income goals that you're that you want to achieve is one thing. You're not talking to enough people. So when I got into all of this, I started to realize that there were a lot of people using the platform wrong back to your original question. And the number one thing that people are doing wrong on LinkedIn right now, is they are selling and pitching. Now, I got that same email from that guy about And I'll be honest with you, I was hesitant to opening it because I've gotten drunk logs like that before. And I wasn't really sure if if that was going to be right for me. Yeah, and I would say I get probably 2530 Those day of those I made look at one a week, every two. I don't know why I clicked on that one either. And so I click on it, and I'm like, hey, check out this app. It's, it's for podcasters to connect. And, and the way I describe it to people, Rick is it's the, it's like Tinder for podcasters right away for it. And so I clicked on it, and I'm like, Oh, my God, but people are selling and pitching. And the gentleman that created this was not selling or pitching. He was literally just saying, check this out. But that's the people that that do things wrong. They write these 17 paragraph drunk log messages of, Hey, this is what I do come by this, do this schedule a call, watch this video. And all that's doing is pushing people away from you, instead of doing what you want, actually to happen on LinkedIn, which is bringing people closer to you to bring that community and that connection of what You're looking to achieve. And so

Rick A. Morris  21:03  
there's a lot that first of all, I grew up, I know the exact book that you're talking about. I've read the book, I also came up through Sandler sales, which I love the Sandler sales models is, yeah, I don't even know if I can help you be like, you're a it's you kind of make them sell you, which is brilliant. I've loved it. But there's so many echoes of my last two weeks in hearing you talk that you and I just got to hang out more. That's, that's what I'm coming to, is I just told the client in a dear friend of mine, you got to get 100 nose. Like stop worrying about the Yes, tell me I want you to start logging every node that you get until you get 100 nodes. And then we'll know we've got a picture now, but it's the same. It's the same mentality and it definitely works. And most people go wow, how do you how do you handle objections so well, and how can you come up with words? Because I've heard them all. Like I didn't the first time they I was stuck. And then I learned Okay, what am I going to do to overcome that objection and my next sales pitch. I had some thing to say to overcome the objection.

Scott Aaron  22:02  
When you learn to not take people's objection, personally. There you go. It never and that's the thing like, I'm sorry for the person that's listening to this you're not that important where it's to personally offend you. The person is either interested or they're not it's got nothing to do with you it right? literally got everything to do with them. But as human beings, we want to be we want to be liked more than we want to be respected. So you want everyone to like you and and want to buy from you. And if someone says no, you're like, man, I suck at this. Why am I doing this job and listen to something that tihar Becker says. He says every master was once a disaster. So in the beginning, your failure quotient is going to be really, really big. But just like the gym, you got to get in your repetitions. So you don't Go to the gym once and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. You. You have I do, I think can't see me on camera, but

I do

you have to make it a daily practice. So, you know, you get to know okay, I actually when someone says no to me, I actually thank them. But here's the thing, Rick, here's what I things have gone. I've been in sales for 23 years. And I don't even say sales. I've been in human connection for 23 years. People never say no to me. It's either, you know, I can't afford it. Not right now. Let's follow back up. And I I let them go. I say you know what, Rick, here's what we'll do. When the time is right. And this fits into what you're looking to do. You have my contact info. You get in touch with me. I am always available and you let them go. So many people. Everyone hangs on to these people and whether you know it or not, people can smell desperation. from a mile away, oh my goodness, if you are desperate for that sale there, it's going to push them away further. So you let people go with grace, you keep the door of opportunity open, because Don't forget, if someone's not ready right away, they will always remember how you left them. And if you left them better, you left the door open. They're always going to come back in at some point. Amen.

Rick A. Morris  24:23  
Yeah, I've gotten I've gotten calls 567 years later, and say, Hey, we're ready to we're ready to go down this path. But you're absolutely right. And it's, it's interesting. First of all, I was making a joke with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I think you and I literally could pose for before and after pictures, and just sell a ton of supplements. I'm just saying. I'll do it. For those of you that are wondering, I'm the before picture. So we're just gonna throw that out. But I'm the perfect model of what you know, beer in carbs can do to a body but anyway, anyway, I find that really inspiring though in the sense That. It is how, first of all people I call it happy years. They only hear what they want to hear Oh, they said they were going to be available in two weeks. They said, No, we'll follow up in two weeks that's kind of blowing you off, and you need to be go ahead and cut that out and be good with it. But I've noticed in my career when, when I am desperate for that sale, when things haven't gone, well, I've had a bad quarter, whatever, I can't get anything to close. And when I've got too many projects going on, I can't stop the business from coming in. There is a mentality that just says, if you go in not caring, of course you care, right? But that persona is like I don't care if I get this business or not. People beg you to come deliver services for them.

Scott Aaron  25:40  
Yeah, it's one of those things, I'll share a story with you. And then you know, when we come back I want to get into the layer cake of of LinkedIn, which I always talk about with people perfect. I was talking to a woman actually today and we had a follow up call and she's you know, looking to do some consulting and coaching with me and and she said Got a follow up call. And whenever someone typically sets up a follow up call with me. They're ready to go. You know, very rarely does someone get back on the phone with me and then say, No, they're not going to set up a follow up call. And she did. And I got on the phone and I said, Okay, I said, What would you like our next step to be? And she goes, Well, I'm waiting for this to happen by the end of this month, and that will determine what I'm going to do. And I said, Okay, and I said, What if that doesn't happen? And she goes, Well, I'm not going to dip into my savings in a time where money is not coming in.

And I said, Well, can I play devil's advocate?

She said, Sure. I said, when it now seemed the best time to go all in to create new clientele and sales, so you don't have to ever dip into anything. And she goes, Yeah, but you know, it'll be really nice not to and then so now I'm always trying, I'm trying to peel back some layers of the onion. So now, I know by asking those specific questions, she's created a dam around this sale that she's hoping to get by the end. And that's that's where her focus is. So no matter what I'm saying, it's not going to deter her from the decision that she's already pre made before this call happened. So I said, you know what I said, here's what we should do. I said, I'm here, you keep focusing on what you're focusing on. And when the time is right for you to jump in with me. You give me a call, you shoot me a text, and I'll let you know what we need to do. And she goes, thank you so much. I said, Have a Happy Easter. And that was the end of it. So again, the old me could have pushed a little bit harder for that. But I didn't want to so I felt her resistance. I wasn't going to push any more to it. And I let her go gently.

Rick A. Morris  27:53  
Yeah, one of my favorite tactics. We go very but calendly and I did it with you, but I get people all the time. Hey, I'm Want to talk I want to connect. Perfect, here's real time access to my calendar, but they have to click the button to schedule the call. I'm not gonna push, I'm not gonna push right I'm here. I'm available whenever you need me, let's go. But you need to make that first step so I know that you're committed. We're going to continue talking about tips like this and we're going to get into what he describes as the layer cake of LinkedIn. We're gonna do that right after the break and listen to Rick Moore's and the work life balance.

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You are tuned in to the work life balance to reach Rick A. Morris or his guest today. We'd love to have you call into the program at 18664 725790 Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email, Rick can be reached at our Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

Rick A. Morris  30:16  
And we're back to the work life balance on this Friday afternoon talking with Scott Aaron. Basically, I mean, you're the creator of link leads generation com correct. That's,

yeah, yeah.

So and for some reason, I generally do not get tongue tied, but linked leads. Yeah, that that takes a little practice. I'm just gonna throw that out.

Scott Aaron  30:35  
Yeah, you know, I did it for copyright purposes, but also, I didn't want to do any infringement things I didn't want to use LinkedIn name. So you know, had to just be careful of that. But yeah, LinkedIn lead generation, it's a little bit tongue tied. But yeah, I focus on on helping people build their brand and create more visibility and create obviously the building block to any successful business which is other people. In the form of leads to take it to new heights.

Rick A. Morris  31:02  
So let's get into the layer cake then let's let's dive in what's layer one.

Scott Aaron  31:06  
So the way that I described this as almost like a wedding cake where you have the big tier, and then you have the smaller and then you have the, you know, the peak at the top. So the the base of what you need to focus on, on LinkedIn is your profile. And and again, this is this is where you're introducing yourself to someone. When Microsoft bought LinkedIn out, nearly four and a half years ago, they embedded search engine optimization. And for people that don't know what that is, it's short for SEO. And this makes you more visible on the platform. So just like a restaurant that wants to come up when someone is searching sushi near me, if they have the right keywords on their website, they will appear first. So Microsoft ingeniously basically said you know what, we're gonna make a lot of keywords on the profiles on LinkedIn so people can come more visible that's why they give you that stat bar on Your profile, how many searches you've appeared in? How many people have viewed your post? And how many people visited your profile? If those numbers are high, you're doing what's high, I would say is searches anywhere between 800 to 1000. And then obviously, on the far right, you'll see how many people have viewed your profile. And anything between 500 to 800 is a really good marker as well.

Rick A. Morris  32:29  
So we're getting there. I mean, like, I'm at 419 right now.

Scott Aaron  32:32  
That's good. So okay, so basically, people are going on to LinkedIn right now and searching for people. They are searching for coaches, they are searching for help. But if you're not filling out your profile the right way, speaking to the ideal client, and that's the thing you want to develop your profile where it reflects what you do, but how you help other people. So someone that's looking for a business consultant, if you don't have business, can So anywhere on your profile, you're not going to come up any any searches, no one's going to go to your profile, and you're missing out on picking up new clients. So I actually have I have a free download on my website, Scott Aaron dotnet, it says free infographic, and it's six steps to perfecting your profile. It's a very, very simple download 123456 and it's done. The second layer is defining your avatar your target market. So what I tell people is, and you know, Rick, let me use you as an example. Who is the ideal client or customer for you?

Rick A. Morris  33:36  
Yeah, that's that's a great question. Because I've so we're going to go with the pm tribe to community so it's going to be any anybody who's in the project management industry anywhere in any stage of their career that would like to connect with a community with with people that provide opportunities to learn.

Scott Aaron  33:53  
So here's an example. So you know, I would make sure that project manager something in that in that aspect. Was clustered all over my profile. So I would appear in Project Manager type searches, then I would start strategically building my network of people that were involved in the project manager industry. So searching for them, connecting with them, because you want to build a net, you get 30,000 connections, which is a lot. But every connection is so vital and so important because you're always one person away from literally hitting that home run. And you want to make sure that all 30,000 connections are useful where you can network you can connect, you can collaborate, you can create something. It's the science of getting rich. And Wallace D. Wattles said it best he said, instead of living in a world of competition and comparison, live in a world of creation and collaboration. So the second layer is building that network that looks like the mirror image of you and who you want to speak to. The third layer is messaging. This is where things go awry for most people. And you and I have been a victim of this. We've gotten those drunkle log messages from people and I'll share a funny story with you. I had a guy, send me a note. So when you send a connection, you can add a note, LinkedIn tells you add a note, you'll have a higher rate of getting acceptances, which is complete BS. There was a third party that came in, and they did a study, they sent about 1000 connections with a note and 1000 connections without and the acceptance rate percentage was just about the same. So don't create any work for yourself. Now, so this guy sends me a note. He said Scott would love to connect, not trying to sell you anything. Just want to connect. So I accepted it. Two days later, what do you think happened? Got a sales pitch, got a sales pitch 18 paragraphs long, I removed the connection, and that was done. So this is the mistake that people make. You have to earn the right to sell someone and you earn that right by earning their trust the relationship and connection first. So if you are going to cold message someone, I have something called the magic formula. It's three steps. Step one.

I know it sounds simple, but you just say the person's name. If you're going to type a message, you say, hey, Rick, great to be connected to you. When you acknowledge the person's name. They know that it's coming from a person, most people are using these automated bots, where it just says, Hey, glad to be a great connection, or they're using a software, which is the is the quickest way to get in your account block now on LinkedIn. The second step of the magic formula is letting the person know why you're connecting with them, and establishing the connection between the two of you so they understand why you're reaching out without selling or pitching. So I would say, you know, Rick, it's great to be connected to I saw that you also had a podcast and you do some business consulting. Would love to hear more about you and your business. Sure. more about me and mine, to see if there's a way where we can support each other here on LinkedIn. So there's my reason for reaching out, I established a connecting point between the two of us, which on your end, you're gonna be like, that makes sense. We're both coaches, we're both consultants. We both have podcasts. Now I know why Scott's reaching out. Third, you want to finish with a CTA, a call to action? If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer. You have to a SK to GT, you have to ask, in order to get if I just make a blanket statement and say, you know, Rick, let me know when it's good for you to talk. Guess why? You're never gonna let me know because I've never asked but if I said, Do you have any time this week or next week for a call? You would then respond back and that's literally the magic formula. So now you've got the right profile. you've actually done the right thing and you're building the right kind of network. And then obviously, you're messaging people The right way. That's the third layer. The fourth and final layer, which is the most important, is content. Right now, content creation on LinkedIn has the highest organic engagement and reach on all of social media. So your job is to produce one piece of content every single day, whether it's post video or article that does two things. Number one educates your audience or to informs your audience, you're always looking to leave your audience better. But here's the mistake that people make Rick, people end up posting content on LinkedIn that they want to talk about, not what the listener actually wants to hear. So what you need to do is you need to fully immerse yourself in the mind of the connections that you have and say to myself, what do these people want to hear right now? What value added content can I provide them It is going to give them tangible takeaways where I'm building that rapport and trust with them. Because if you've built your profile out the right way, if you started searching and connecting for the right kind of people in the right kind of way, but now you're messaging people the right way. And now you're warmly connecting with them with engaging educational and informative content. It's going to draw people closer to you, you're not going to have the need for engagement pods, you're not going to have to entice people to like, comment and engage because they're going to relate to your content. And again, it's the long game. You're not looking for shortcuts, you're looking to shorten the learning curve, but you're also looking to directly impact those people, the quickest and most effective way and in my professional and personal opinion. If someone was to say to me, Scott, what is the best content. If I was to go all in with a certain form of content on LinkedIn, what should I go all in with? I would say video, video content on LinkedIn right now, not video, LinkedIn live, everyone's got to apply for that today have a waiting list for that, but creating LinkedIn videos

two to three times per week. Because remember, our words are powerful. But our voice takes it to another level when people can see us and hear us and feel our passion and feel our drive and feel our motivation. Again, that's going to bring even more people closer to you. And honestly, that's the layer cake of LinkedIn and you follow those four steps. It's going to bring you back something. Now when you say video, just almost like a almost like a facebook live in the sense just you in the camera. 30 seconds of content, drop it down, but I would say between two to four minutes and You want to again educate and inform give people some tangibles. And then what I always do if anyone follows me on LinkedIn, I always ask my audience, what was your biggest takeaway from this? or How did you feel about this? Or what is your advice on this topic? So I'm always looking to hear back from them because again, Rick, when you ask you shall receive, then I can take their information and I can create content around what they took away because they're already resonating with it.

Rick A. Morris  41:27  
As to and quite frankly, you can you can sit down across a day and drop 10 1215 videos that you then schedule out it that way. I mean, that's the biggest piece. This doesn't have to be the commitment of I didn't get it done today. Right, that's the beauty of video and you can cut it and take out your arms and arms and all the other little things so I think that's brilliant. And I had somebody tell me that today was showing me some some stuff that they were doing on video. So it's it's, it's toiling in my mind as well, but something I certainly haven't been Have you taken advantage of yet? But look to do so. So we're going to take our final break right here. We're going to be right back with Scott Aaron. During the break, though, you certainly can go to Scott Aaron dotnet go get that infographic that he was talking about, and find out a little bit more about it, maybe even send them a connection request and we'll just see what happens on LinkedIn. See if you learned anything from him on how you send that LinkedIn connection request as well. We'll be right back after the break and listen to Rick Moore's and the work life balance.

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you are tuned in to the work life balance to reach Rick A. Morris or his guest today. We'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790. If you'd rather send an email, Rick can be reached at our Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

Rick A. Morris  44:20  
And we're back to our final segment of the work life balance. I'm actually already perusing the the infographic that I just got. Thank you very much Scott for offering that to the audience. Again, you can go to Scott Aaron, that's with two A's. It's AR o n dotnet. And pick that up. also find out a little bit more how to book them. But let's play with that video just a little bit longer. What were some of the most engaging, that the audience has responded to more than anything that you've seen with video?

Scott Aaron  44:47  
Well, I think it's more about how, how you approach certain things.

It's it's one of those things where

when When you really felt like I did one today on the definition of success, and I basically said, you know, successes is not seen, it's felt, because you see all these people weighing success on how many views someone's video has, how many likes and comments they're getting. And that's just BS. To me, success doesn't look like anything. It's just like impact it's felt. So I did this three and a half minute video just expressing to people like anything that has done in in genuinely, or in authentically, where and I'm Rick, I'm sure you've seen these posts on LinkedIn, where it says, you know, want to grow your network quickly in three steps number one, like this post number two comment. I'm open number three, send connection requests to everyone that does that. Yeah, that's, that's not networking. Right. Networking is getting someone on the phone. So what I do is, I am a I'm a participant In what's going on in the sense that I'm the student of the game, there's nothing that slips by me. So I'm on all three social major platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So I'm always studying, I'm always watching what's going on and i and i look at what people are doing. I don't necessarily point out what people are doing wrong. I let them know what they can do better. Sure. Because there's a simple saying that I have Rick is that you need to be a salmon in the world of fish. If people know what salmon do, they swim upstream. Unlike a lot of other fish. Everyone's going in the current everyone's going this way. It's just turn around for a second and just try something different. Try a different way because again, at the end of the day, Eric wory says it best. He says the scariest place for any entrepreneur to be is when you're looking at your appointment booking calendar and nothing is written down. If what you're doing right now is not producing results. It's not that you're doing anything wrong, you're just not doing enough of the right things and change nothing, and nothing changes. But when you change something, something changes. But here, if you want to uplevel your brand, I'm sorry, you're gonna have to get over your fear of being on video. People need to see you. They need to hear you, and they need to feel you. And that's the thing. Video is the best way to connect with someone. That right now, more so than ever. This world is craving connection and community. And video is the best way to do that to bring people closer to you.

Rick A. Morris  47:37  
Yeah, we noticed that you you left Twitter out of that conversation.

Scott Aaron  47:42  
Yeah, you know, I still can't figure Twitter out and I don't really want to. It's funny. If I want to find something out, newsworthy. Wise, like if like, Instagram is shut down or Facebook is blacked out. I'll go over there and see what's trending. So I use Twitter, more for finding things out, I do post on there and I have like 4000 followers, I don't get it don't understand it. But I also feel that it's a very, it's a scrolling troll type platform where there's not a ton of engaging going on as far as getting on a zoom or getting on a phone call. If I'm on a platform, and it's not doing one of those two things, I'm not going to use it often,

Rick A. Morris  48:24  
Rick is your face says it's like reading every bathroom wall in the world. It's pretty much trash for the most part. So, again, let everybody know how to get in touch with you and how to book you and find out about your books. Drop your books as well.

Scott Aaron  48:40  
Yeah, so the easiest way is to go to my website, www dot Scot Aaron dotnet. That's where you can get both of my books. The first book was it's they're both actually bestsellers now, which is really awesome. The LinkedIn book for network marketing and the most recent one is called the network. Marketing Academy. But you can also listen to my podcast find out about all my coaching. But I'm very omnipresent on social media as well, Facebook and LinkedIn under Scott Aaron and on Instagram, it's at Scott, Aaron, LinkedIn.

Rick A. Morris  49:12  
And so Scott, what's some of the best advice you've ever received?

Scott Aaron  49:19  
I've received a lot of really good advice in my life. But I would say probably the biggest piece of advice that I ever got came from my dad, when, when I was growing up, and he just said, no matter what happens in your life, never give up on your dreams. And and I feel that and that really translated very well with me because what I realized in life is that there are millions of ways of how to succeed and there's only one way to fail and that's to quit. So I knew and I still know to this day, as long as I don't quit my dreams will Continue to become my reality the way they are now.

Rick A. Morris  50:03  
And anything else you want to leave with the audience? Just anything we didn't catch up on or anything else that you would like to say final words?

Scott Aaron  50:11  
Yeah. So I want everyone to understand that. Now more than ever, people are requiring coaching not because it needs to be an expense. But I think where what's going on right now with this pandemic. People need to understand that there's a door of opportunity that's been opened for all of us. The universe is telling us it's, it's time to shift. It's time to create, and I'm going to leave you with this. What you guys need to think about is creating your pick and x product. So if you think about the gold rush in the early 1900s, what did people do? They flooded to the west coast to get gold in them thar hills, right? Yeah. But who actually made all the money during the gold Rush. It wasn't the people digging for gold. It was the people selling the pick and access to everyone that was looking for gold. So what you have to realize each and every one of us has a pic and x product that could absolutely help so many people. But you have to take that gift from outside of you, you need to bring it to the world. Now is the time to go all in. If you let that scarcity mindset dictate how you feel right now, you are going to let that scarcity mindset dictate things when they do settle down. And here's the truth. We don't know what is going to come from all of this. We can't predict the future. I don't care how many scientists, how many forensics, how many business minds out there are making all these quote unquote, predictions. They are called predictions. They are not positives. So the more that we focus on each and every day, taking it one day at a time moving Forward, whether it's a millimeter or a mile, you will all achieve all your goals.

Rick A. Morris  52:06  
Well, Scott, we appreciate you being on the show. We got to have you back man, you got to come back and hang out, we'll get into some more of the story.

Scott Aaron  52:11  
Absolutely would love to and you know, obviously just grateful and honored to be here and, and again, thanks for taking time on this Good Friday and and I hope you and I made it a great Friday for people that were listening.

Rick A. Morris  52:21  
We hope so I know certainly from my side, I had a ball. It was fantastic. learned a tremendous amount. Next week we're going to have David Osborne on David is the author of The New York Times bestseller. Wealth Can't wait and so much more. You're gonna have to tune in to David he's got a tremendous story. We got an opportunity to meet through a gentleman by the name of rock Thomas who we had on the show not too long ago. He's got 100 million views on goal cast. So we've got some really really powerful people coming up just like Scott here. Reach out to Scott let them know that you heard about him on the on the work life balance and we can't wait to talk to you next Friday right here this Friday. Or next Friday on The Voice America business. That work you're listening to Rick A. Morris we'll talk to you again next Friday.

VoiceAmerica  53:07  
Thank you for joining us this week. The work life balance with Rick Morris can be heard live every Friday at 2pm pacific time and 5pm eastern time on The Voice America business channel. Now that the weekend is here, it's time to rethink your priorities and enjoy it. We'll see you on our next show.

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