Saturday, September 5, 2020

How to Live a Bucket List Life - Trav Bell

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One problem facing people at many levels of business is how to make time for a work life and a personal life. Do you find that one seems to keep getting in the way of the other? This is the work life balance with Rick Morris. Even if you're not involved in the business world, you'll have a lot to gain by tuning into today's show. Now, here's your host, Rick Morris.

Rick A. Morris  0:26  
And welcome to another edition of the work life balance. So great to have everybody along. Thanks for hanging with us in the replay last week, I thought it was apropos as that that lead in music for those of you that don't know that lead in music is by a group called the party that I've been an executive producer of. And we had their 30th anniversary on Monday of our very first album dropping so that's how long I've been with the group and how long this musics been around for us. So congratulations to them. 30 years In we've got some pretty exciting announcements coming up but there's some merchandise that was just launched for the party, which you can go to MMC reunion COMM And check out the 30th anniversary stuff all handpicked and created by our man chase Hampton, who was on the interview last week of the replay. I think that was like four years ago, but we had daymond and chase on the show. So today we've got an incredible show and I'm so excited to talk to this gentleman. He's He's known as the bucket list guy, and he's the world's number one bucket list expert. As a self appointed bucket list. ologists. He helps people live their bucket list before it's too late. His unique life engagement message really wakes you up, stops groundhog days and helps you to experience more fulfillment. He says a bucket list is a tangible life plan where our business plan or career plan should fit into our life plan and not the other way around. A perfect example of the work life balance and what we're looking for. Let's bring him to the show trap bow. How you doing trap. Hey, Rick, really, really happy to be on the show man. Thanks a lot. And so for me, this is the last thing I do on Fridays, right four to 5pm for me and I normally shut down the laptop for my own work life balance. And that's first thing Saturday morning for you, man. So thanks for getting up early for us there in Australia.

Trav Bell  2:12  
Yes. So you've got your lot work life balance, just totally on point. And here I am on a Saturday morning 7am here in Nova Alya talking to the great man, Rick Morris. So my life balance has gone out the window but I'm really, really stoked to really look online. A lot of podcasts right now a lot on a lot of shows and a lot of interviews but what I love honestly, my what I love talking about is this concept of work life balance because it's been thrown into a cyclone lately.

Rick A. Morris  2:48  
Well, for sure. And for me as well. You know, I always say that work life balance technically doesn't exist. You just have to love what you do, right? You have to love what you do where it doesn't feel like work. But even you know, 2020 years You know, 2019 is probably one of my biggest years 2020 I actually named as the year of transition, right? So I always pick a word at the beginning of the year had no idea what I was saying, when I said that, but

Trav Bell  3:11  
is it transition? My year is my aim is going to be 2020 as well, it was kind of rolled off the tongue and around January. And then it did transition or so. But I don't think in the way that we wanted to do

Rick A. Morris  3:25  
this. I know for sure. I watched a quarter of a million dollars in speaking engagements go away. I had walked away from my number one revenue source in December as a decision again, January being transitioned. And yeah, all that's done is clear the deck because I think that people that are working the hardest right now, you know, I've been a firm believer whatever work I put in today is what's going to pay off six months from now. It's not, there's no immediate gratification. It's an entrepreneur. So how did you become the bucket list guy like, I'd love to hear that story.

Trav Bell  3:55  
Yeah, for sure. There's not a lot of bucket list going on at the moment. Well, there is no I'll get into that. But yeah, I'll share that I've been a speaker, a professional speaker for the last 10 years so prior to that I was that real, real quick backstory. My first business straight out of university I started personal fitness training back in the early 90s when there wasn't this industry of personal trainers was one of the first personal trainers running around Australia. I found salad with one client took it up to 10s of thousands of clients around Australia no to me and personal training sessions. Founded franchise the first first personal training business in Australia helped heaps of people pay for personal trainers got jobs. But I and I love I've always loved helping people but I wanted to help people you know in life more than just health, health and fitness. So I am there's a kind of a perfect storm I found myself. Things got on top of me I became someone that I didn't like there was a relationship issues and also things going on my little breakdown before break. Through moment and should I say, I found myself in a in a going through a bout of depression. And I found instead of going on heavy antidepressants, you know, and I knew a lot of people like that kind of walking around like zombies, you know, not really being themselves. I'm like, yep, that's a bit of a band aid fix. It's not really getting to the root cause. So I found myself in personal development courses. Can we do seminars like like you probably put on night, you know, reading the books, Gallic, like, like getting coaches, mentors, really forcing myself to get to the root cause and really seek and I've always been fascinated with psychology. It was actually at one of these seminars sort of after about a year of pretty intense learning that a friend of mine said, Why don't you teach this stuff and so I'd learnt the NLP I learned cycles, positive psychology, I learned how to be a coach to life coaches, all this sort of stuff, and it helped me compartmentalize for those going through. You know, again, shorter story. long. I then went on and put on a seminar. And it was crap compared to what I'm doing now. I really had to pay the 48 It was my first public seminar and I even tried to do this selling at the back of the room thing, you know what I mean? That was that was a disaster. And but I, in that seminar, I had about 40 people there and packaging everything that I knew. And one thing I shared with the group was the fact that I'd had a list of new before I die actually written down since I was 18. And this is about 10 years ago, I'm 47. Now this is when I you know, 10 years ago, but 3537 years of age, I kind of put on this talk, and I I I shared it with the room and then it really inspire the group. As my reason for getting out of bed in the morning. What drove me through my depression that helped me create a light at the end The tunnel and he helped me live you know more on purpose with more meaning and fulfillment and being happier. And so share this with the group and then someone at the end of it Joe, one of the clients there at the time said our household is listed we do before you die stuff. It's like a bucket list. You're like the bucket, this guy. And I went light bulb moment I went home and registered in the domain name that bucket this and I've been doing that ever since literally running around the world doing my bucket list, and helping others to go after this before they get given to us by date, just like the movie.

Rick A. Morris  7:38  
So that's I mean, that's a lot of your your entrepreneurial journey as well. What is what is one of those outside of the depression side? What's one of the biggest failures you really felt like you had to overcome in order to really develop as an entrepreneur, entrepreneur.

Trav Bell  7:52  
Wow, you know, that's a really good question i one of the failures or one of the areas that I recommend I had to work on was my ego. I made the ego based decisions, not smart decisions. So I did a lot of work around that. And I still, you know, there's flashes of it in what I do now, but not, not to the extent and not to the competitive extent that I was doing it back then. I was all ego and bravado and it didn't serve me well. So I look at that as a as a massive learning not so much as a failure. But I guess one of the other learnings, one of the other factors was letting toxic people into my life, you know, to control my life and to have more of an influence over me than I would have liked. And so that that contributed towards a downward spiral, you know, and, you know, I didn't travel I didn't do my bucket list for a lot of those years. And, you know, I sacrifice my happiness to win You're later but that you know that later I just I have to draw that line in the sand make the decision when I decided to become the buckle this guy gave I gave all my franchisees at the time six months change your own brand change to you know, change your own brand you know I sold off my my personal training studios that I owned with staff with chain and just had to go You know what, cut my losses and go towards something that was even what I do now is even more congruent to what I was doing back then.

Rick A. Morris  9:34  
So you said you'd let some toxic people into your life looking back at that now and knowing what you know and kind of gone through. Why would you say you allowed them to come into your Oh,

Trav Bell  9:45  
because I was insecure.

I was insecure in amongst at all. Um, and and I wasn't hard and fast on my own values on my own standards. You know? On my own barrier, you know my own boundaries. And when you are not, you know, people create them for you.

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You are tuned in to the work life balance to reach Rick Morris or his guest today, we'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email Rick can be reached at r Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

Rick A. Morris  12:32  
And we're back to the work life balance thanks to our engineering team there to see that my internet had frozen and thrown us to break so we're back We're ready. And hopefully we're stable at this point. So tribe we were talking about, you know, toxic, I think you and I have a lot of similarities and first of all, same age. For me it was I would say ego was my number one thing as well. I started in business got quite successful, and then I would make what I call career limiting moves. And if I go back and really analyze What those were, they were generally ego driven, I had to be right. Or it had to be my idea, whatever that is, even all the way up until about 2014. And I want to talk about the coaching industry here for a moment, because a lot of people had said, you know, for me to get a coach and ego wise, I was like, I'm running a, you know, seven figure business, I don't know what I need a coach for, until I didn't have that seven figure business. And I finally aligned myself with john Maxwell, my john Maxwell team and became certified through through a gentleman by the name of Christian Simpson, and it's changed everything. And so my question is, is what why do you think there's so many misconceptions about the coaching business and about life coaching in general?

Trav Bell  13:45  
Well, yeah, it's, um, a lot of people. You know, the stupid thing about being an entrepreneur is we think we've got to put the cape on every morning and go out, you know, go out and tackle our You know, be the biggest solution that flies in on every problem known to man and there's a lot of ego around that superhero done of what an entrepreneur should be, you know, and the best entrepreneurs as you know, probably now more than ever Rick is the best entrepreneurs in the world are the people that ask for help the most from smarter people than them? Yeah, but that's not the Small Business mantra. That's not the the kind of brave out there in front entrepreneur image that we all have, unfortunately. So there's a lot of ego around it. And it's I think it's even exacerbated more with with social media, you know, by because you've got to be the front man or front front woman and have the opinion be seen be the pinup boy or girl for your for your business or for your industry. Trying to get that cut through takes up takes a fair bit of personality. And with that personality comes ego too.

Rick A. Morris  15:07  
I think social media is a good call out on that. There's so many people Oh, just signed a seven figure deal. No, you didn't. You didn't. I tell

Trav Bell  15:15  
you what, I am seated with respect I need to set up but I don't care how many sales figures you've got in your business, right? It's all about profit. That's right. Like I don't care how much you have 10 figures don't care but if you've got 10 figures of expenses as well, it's nothing.

Rick A. Morris  15:32  
That's right. That's right. But now I have several people that that I coach they'll say so and so just got this I'm not doing it. I was like they didn't do that that they didn't get it like if we it My favorite thing to do is call and go well, how did you do that? How did you land that? How did you get that? And there's no answers. I was like, so but but I know that because I fell into that trap early on as an entrepreneur as well.

Trav Bell  15:55  
We all had we'll have look look come back to your question about coaching Are you know, I've I'm in some form or another, always personally always outsourcing, you know, and I'm getting better and better and better at it. And whether it be through a book, you know, learning from someone else that I can't get access to, whether it be getting a coach being part of a high level mastermind or mentor group or, you know, going to a seminar, that's all a way of getting more and more help. And I think as an entrepreneur, you've got to be an avid learner, right? You've got to be always open to being coached. Yeah. And and admit to yourself that you don't know everything, you know, and and there's different sides, you know, over the last, especially the last two and a half years, I've had to learn how to be a global entrepreneur, you know, to run a run a global business, but our coaching business and and that's a whole other, other, you know, kettle of fish box of dice, whatever they say. There's a whole other level of learning so on Getting around, and getting around on learning from and milking the information and the psychology that goes along with being a global CEO, you know, rather than just small business mindset, rather than just being a speaker or a standalone, single person operator in terms of a coach, you know, or a thought leader. So it's a different business model, different skills, different psychology. You got to be open to be coached.

Rick A. Morris  17:28  
So the great Seth Godin said, you know, he asked me a question one time are you an entrepreneur or Freelancer and I didn't really know the difference. So he said, Well, an entrepreneur builds a business with other people's money and hire smart people gets out of the way. a freelancer trades their time and knowledge for money and he goes, there's no right or wrong answer. You just can't be both.

Trav Bell  17:49  
Now that's not very difficult as a consultant Yeah, consultant same thing. Yeah, yeah. Now an entrepreneur, you know, the the an entrepreneur What is it? Brad sugars have action coaches it, you know, a business. The definition of a successful business is a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you. Wow.

Rick A. Morris  18:11  
I like that. So coming back to your specific business, what exactly you know why why would a bucket list even be important? What do you tell to, to your people?

Trav Bell  18:24  
Oh, look, it's not important to a lot of people, to be honest. But it's very important to others. So, I've been talking about this bucket list concept for 10 years since I became the bucket list guy. And I've always stayed in that line, you know, pick a highway, pick a line and own the line. You know, Rick, as you can appreciate that with the entrepreneurial journey, or when I registered the bucket list guy. I was like on the Google machine. I'm like, who's searching who's like the mack daddy who's like the king who's like the world's number one expert look no one so I literally called myself the world's number one back at least ex marriage and just read it out before my bio man so stuff that no one else has taken. So that's that's that's a story of my life man I big day for myself in a deep work deep end and learn how to swim. But I've been you know why I love it is have been so cool. I'm so congruent with my business. I'm so congruent with the brand, the brand is me and it's an extension of my values is there is really no difference between me and that. And going back to what was your question again?

Rick A. Morris  19:46  
Just Why is the bucket list important?

Trav Bell  19:49  
Yes. So So why it's important is because I'm in a way through this, effectively coaching my former self who went through depression Right. So it's a creation of programs, coaching programs seminars, and now we've got licensed certified back at this coaches in 22 countries around the world teaching this stuff. And it's all most of it's all. For the majority. It's based on positive psychology. And positive psychology is the Science of Happiness, right? The science of fulfillment, the science of having more, you know, allowing people to experience more meaning more purpose and more fulfilling life and be more grateful and more mindful, right. But rather than going out there and saying, Hey, we were positive psychologists, or were masters of NLP here, I've put this brand of pocket list over the top of it to make it more appealing to kids, you know, to teenagers, to to the everyday person to get these personal development tools out into markets that would seemingly be shut off too. People that went out and call themselves, you know, life coaches, I'm a I'm a coach to life coaches, but I don't I still don't call myself a life coach because the brand of life coaching gets a little bit. Okay, you know, it's met with skepticism, right? It's largely intangible. So we're trying to make the intangible tangible through this brand of bucket list. And yeah, bucket list is important to a lot of people. So I say like you said before a bucket This is a tangible life plan where a career plan or a business plan should fit into our life plan not be the other way around. So one, so myself before licensing this out around the world, on myself has been a big proponent of the work to live principle. And it's not about work life balance, I hate to say it's about work life blend now. Sure, right. So because nothing ever balances, he said, you know, nothing ever balances means you know, if you're trying to grow a business, that's nothing balanced. If you're trying to get laid

off Sorry, no form a meaningful relationship.

Nothing balances you doing whatever it takes.

If you're trying to make money, you know, like, it's the same sort of thing and maybe you can look at that later down the track but there's that really intense obsessive period right? So at the end of the day back at least is my spin on on getting this out to these tools out to people so they can live a life of more meaning more purpose and more fulfillment be happier, have a regret free life rather than regret full life, be more engaged in their life and therefore more engaged in their business as well or or in their career. Because I've seen the direct result, you know, look at I've given talks and I, you know, there's depressed people, there's people going through anxiety, there's people on suicide watch, there's people that, you know, we've got this thing and it's a real thing. called the loneliness epidemic, Google. It's a real thing, right? The adverse effect of social media out the mental health of the planet, especially at the time of this taping. With COVID-19 the mental health of the planet is in disarray. It is so bad and it was already bad, right? So with a stats climbing up with the amount of engage, you know, disengagement, disengagement in America is something like 87% of people, that's 87% of people who go to work every day don't like what they do. Yeah. Like, dude, you do that for 40 years really. And then you retire to have one to maybe 10 good years and then you're gone. Like that, that that sacrificing happiness now to enjoy later. That is a myth. That is the matrix waiting till Sunday or that perfect time to do your bucket list or I want to wake people up before they get given to us by day, at the end of the day, that's why it's important.

Rick A. Morris  24:04  
So you said that positive psychology is that influenced like by shirzad, Charmaine, or like what are some of the influences that you're drawing from?

Trav Bell  24:14  
Oh Tobin shaha. I was, I mean, he worked under Martin Seligman who's the dawn, I guess of positive psychology. We've got you know, I'd had on my podcast yesterday, not yesterday day before Dr. Happy Dr. Timothy sharp, who's one of the preeminent guys here in Australia, you know, it's become it's become a more of a movement rather than doing regressive psychology with people were regressive or typical clinical psychology is about helping people be normal again, you know, and who the hell wants to be normal, especially in corporate, no one. But, and that's, you know, we have drugs, we have all sorts of things to get as normal so we can function in a society that's what that's my circle. Kind of exists or traditional psychology but positive psychology works with the people works with the person's strengths, works with what they're good at, works with what brings them meaning purpose and happiness and gets them to do more of that so they perform better and they go to another level in their life and help them be more mindful, more present and more grateful. And that really works well in the corporate settings. So that takes a lot of explanation. bucket list for us is more of a fun brand that we put over the top of the when we go run programs. When we go run programs, we you know, unpack all of what I'm saying right now and in a more of a tangible and fun way.

Rick A. Morris  25:46  
So what's one major tip that you go to we got about two and a half minutes to break when you say how to create more meaning purpose or fulfillment their life what's what's one of your kind of go to quick hit items. To

Trav Bell  26:00  
look real easy I want everyone who's listening watching, you know, right now is is to take time out of their life like this weekend, right to write their bucket list down. How about that? Yeah, it like if you actually run you probably know this already, Rick but if you actually stop, take time out of your life to work on your life and you actually write stuff down, you got a 42% more likelihood of actually manifesting things actually happen, you know, showing up in your life 42% so you might as well write this stuff down because you're halfway there. See right now, people are so busy being busy for this weird badge of honor that we kept you always bragging or complaining like

Rick A. Morris  26:47  
you're good, busy or bad busy, but you know, so and we're busy on our to do lists, not not on our bucket list. All right. It's only until something traumatic or dramatic happens to us or a loved one or the There's a diagnosis somewhere, then suddenly people shift on their priority, something, you know, suddenly a bucket list becomes of utmost importance. And people become an infinitely resourceful around their time and money to go after the things that they truly want to go after. But it takes a diagnosis for people to do that. wrote the I wrote a book called no day, but today because of that reason, why do you have to wait to get sick? Yeah, absolutely. I'll send a copy. Why would Why wait for the diagnosis? Why wait, you know, for for that big thing to say I wish I had have. And so it's not even more of a thought. But I get people to think about how I would want to be remembered at my funeral. So what am I doing today to live up to that standard, like I just started today in order to get to that standard of where I want to be. So when we come back, I'd really love to hear some of your personal bucketlist stories and we're going to do that right after the break. Oh, visiting with the bucket list guy. Trap bell. We'll be right back. You're listening Rick Morse and the work life balance.

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Rick A. Morris  30:24  
and we're back to the work life balance on this Friday afternoon we're meeting with the bucket list guy trap Bell and what better question to ask the bucket list guy then what are some of the things that you've ticked off it as a matter of fact, you've got a sweatshirt on a lot of people can't see it. But But tell everybody what your hashtag is and then tell us one of your favorite bucket list stories

Trav Bell  30:43  
ticket before you kick it and it's the for you ticket before you kick in. So we've where we've got you know, l we got a bucket we got certified bucket this coach is now in 22 countries around the world even in countries where if you actually translate the word bucket list Makes no sense at all places like Vietnam and Finland and Germany and but yeah, we're we're gonna we're gonna try we're gonna community back at these coaches and what we call back at listers who are people who've gone through our programs and be able to see me speak all around the world now and I tell you what, I'm I'm challenged every single single day I'm challenged and inspired by our tribe of bucketlist is around the world is so cool, man. And but for me, personally, yeah, they kind of pushed me to another level. I mean, is this is this PG or is this our road or

Rick A. Morris  31:37  
you go how you want to go, man, we're us. That's who we are.

Trav Bell  31:40  
Okay, well, because there's different levels of bucket lists. So I got this. Well, there's three. There's three types of bucket lists, right, there's the future bucket list, which is what everyone thinks a bucket list isn't all the stuff you want to do in the future. There's also a reverse bucket list. A reverse backup list is your done list. There's also a nother list called the bucket list. There's a lot of things that I have done in my life. That when I go out on stage I show this like cool video clip of climbing mountain surfing big waves going fast jumping at things. And and I know that half the audience is Sydney gone after? Yeah, I don't want to do that shit. So

if I'm sworn, so blame the Australian in me.

At the end of the day, the future bucket list is what this is known for. And, you know, I did a TED talk and I did Ted to a TEDx talk a few years ago called life's too short by Trev. Bell and I sort of go through some of my stories on that. And actually doing my TED talk in front of was the biggest TEDx stage in Melbourne. Sorry, in Australia was 2000 people. And yeah, that was actually I ticked it off live in front of everyone. Look of One of the, you know, I've done the bungee jumping, I've done the skydiving I've done I've done, you know surfing at different places all around the world. I've traveled to a bunch of countries, probably the most, I'll give you a heartfelt one and also a very embarrassing one if you're up for it.

Rick A. Morris  33:17  

Trav Bell  33:19  
are so we'll start the heartfelt one that's better.

I grew up here in Ocean Grove an hour and a half out of Melbourne here in Australia and my I'm adopted My dad is a fitter and Turner he's, you know, a mechanic. A man's man in the union's same job since you know from 16 through to retirement. Not a big man of emotion. Me his adopted son who's a serial entrepreneur. We didn't really speak the same language going up

Rick A. Morris  33:52  
if you know what I mean. absolutely understand. Yeah,

Trav Bell  33:55  
yeah, dude. Yeah, man. I mean, but but on you. That is really You know we had to come together so I actually wrote on my list to do before I die the one I had since I was 18 this The third thing I wrote was do a big hike with dad both being nature guys on a surfer he's he's he's been in surf lifesaving as being a been a surfer his whole life as well. I want to do a bit hot because I knew that that would connect this. So went down to I found myself in a four seater airplane with daddy's two best mates at me. And it was, we landed this plane in a in the middle of the old growth forest areas in a town called Tasmania, sorry, at a state called Tasmania. Tasmania is the southernmost town of southernmost state in Australia, very cold down there, very desolate, but some amazing hiking, so the plane dropped us off, pissed off and maybe In the website said pack, eight to 15 days worth of food. We had to walk back from our drop off point back to a place called cockle Creek. cockle Creek is the southernmost town in Australia. And it hangs off the end of Australia.

Have you seen the movie deliverance? Rick?

Rick A. Morris  35:18  
Yes, of course. You got your banjo playing right

Trav Bell  35:27  
through the hills Anyway, you get the drift. And so we we ventured off and it was an amazing trip. It took us nine days. It was about ELS about you know, 500 meters after these nine days from the from finishing this trip and we were walking on the boardwalk more boardwalk before we got the group selfies before we had some food before we finished the whole thing. And I said dad is something I'm going to tell you. I said my doing this walk With you was on my was on my bucket list. I'm really glad we did it. And he was always walking behind him he is just going I and I thought it was going to be a big father son Hollywood movie. Embrace and I love your luck not nothing. Not a matter of emotion. We had lunch we did the selfies we did all that. And he's gone years ago years ago. He's gonna try what's what's a bucket list? Man? I got Jesus Crow, man. It's all it's all the shit you want to do before you die. And, and I saw a twinkle in his eye and he said I'm glad you put it on there because this has been fucking special. Nice still no embrace made I still no hugs still.

I'm still waiting.

Dad, give me some clothes.

Unknown Speaker  36:55  
eimer Sun

Trav Bell  36:59  
basic. What else If we got on the bus back to Hobart, he said, Man, what else? What else is on this list to do you know what's on this list of yours? I said, Don't worry, I'll get back to you. at about six months later, I said, Oh, you know, there's lots of things on there that I'll get back to you that six months later, a friend of mine who I cycle with grant, he's in New Zealand, they're even crazier. They're all they're all mountain ears. And he's a he's a mountain near so much so that he's got no toes and his left foot he lost them from frostbite. I swear, they all sit at all these mountains sit around the little Bunsen burner at high cap and compare what ends they're missing. Anyway, Grant, Grant said, Mike, I know every morning you're talking about this bucket list, we're going to Mount Everest, you know, I know that going to base camp is on your on your bucket list. I'm like, Alright, how much is it? He said, 15 grand, I get mine. I've got 15 grand he goes I bet you'll find a way. You know, when the wind is strong enough to hell work itself out. We know this. I really want to go under it. Man under doing a full Ironman Triathlon going to Mount Everest base camp was the second thing on my list is that you'll find a way and I found a way that you know that bucket list thing we talked about down in tazzy. Yep. Well, we're going to, we're going to Mount Everest, we're going to base camp like we he's gone, right? Shit. Again, we're going through Tibet, and we're going on the north side and he's gonna trip with the fast Tibet. Our mind is part of China. It's not part of China anyway, doesn't matter. The point is, we went through Beijing down through Tibet, we went to the northern side of Everest, we were on part of a full on expedition team, you know, 13 guys went to the top we went to advanced base camp. absolutely phenomenal. He was fine. I was shit with the altitude sickness. That's another story. night after that. We take that off the bucket list after that. Since then we've done the Kokoda track which is an Australian Australian pilgrim engine Papa New Guinea. It's a wartime track. Papa New Guinea, we've done the Inca Trail Machu Picchu on the morning and my 40th birthday took 10 out of the bucket list is with us. We and then we did Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa after a game and a game drive as well with mum as well. And that actually no no that killed him is he's now in his 70s he did a 71 and read why camp Kilimanjaro and he's gone tribe. This is he had really bad altitude sickness he's got I've looked over and he was full on gray. And he's he's gone to have no more fucking hills. All right, no more he'll kill him. But now we're best mates. That's awesome. You know? And I've done the Burning Man festival. I've done Eurovision song. contest final in Germany for God's sake. And I think I was the only straight guy at that. And, but now it's listed. It's it's all the other funny ones well always, always also encouraged very heavily to be a nude model for life drawing class mice. I grew up as a swimmer as a surfer. I'm relatively comfortable in speedos. That's next level when you take off that last layer and you go 15 people behind easels looking at you a bit.

And you're awkwardly just posing going Yep.

Rick A. Morris  40:42  
Are you trying? Are you trying to style it out while you're doing it?

Trav Bell  40:48  
I think so the thing is, is and they face do they pay me 50 bucks as well. So let's look at cheap hope. But the end you you're going near you, you're, you're like I was super nervous. You disrobe you stand there. You know. So I know you're gonna do this mate. So I know you're writing this on your bucket list in and our friends at voice America and doing the same air producers and so, Rick so when you do this on your bucket list when you're not a nude model for an art class, so get some tips for it. Number one, don't do it in the middle of winter. Of course. Don't do it in the middle of fall. No shit. I did. Anyway. So he does in the room. Number two, don't do it in the art studio that's literally next to the coffee shop where you get coffee every single morning where the gay barista who serves you every single morning actually exotic as well apparently. And let's just say from there, I got a little Bit more sugar in my coffee if you know what I mean. And number three, is make sure that you're the only person there when I talk. I use this story of colored a bunch of times, and I show a picture of me nude. When I do keynote presentations, and there's someone else in the room with me, there's someone right next to me. Next person is a younger, hotter girl. I did not know that she was going to be in the room with me. Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah. So I've disrobed on doing my best it was already awkward. She comes in I thought, all right, she's going to jump behind an easel here. She's going to get a paintbrush out. No, she undresses she stands right next to me. I'm like, Oh shit.

Oh shit. And like I said before

it was I had to you know, I've done the NLP. I've done the positive psychology. I've done all the psychology in all the code. and stuff like that, you know? And let's just say I had to channel all that. So that to talk it down for sure if you know what I mean no hardest Pun intended 20 minutes 20 minutes half an hour my life

Rick A. Morris  43:20  
and I think we're gonna leave it right there and go to break. We're gonna take a break the work life balance.

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You are tuned in to the work life balance to reach Rick A. Morris or his guest today, we'd love to have you call into the program at 1-866-472-5790. Again, that's 1-866-472-5790 if you'd rather send an email Rick can be reached at r Morris at r squared Now back to the work life balance.

Rick A. Morris  45:56  
And we're back for our final segment of this Friday afternoon with traveling The bucket list guy all the way from Australia live from Australia. Even at that, so, trap How do people find you? How do people connect with you?

Trav Bell  46:09  
Yeah, the bucket list is my main website and people interested in the back of this coach side of things, you know, back at least they can check that out. Yeah, I'm mostly on Instagram these days is bucket list guide, dot Trev Bell or tribe L dash the bucket is gone and LinkedIn and Facebook. Awesome.

Rick A. Morris  46:36  
And so what's some of the best advice you've ever received?

Trav Bell  46:40  
Wow, the best. The best advice I've ever received. I've got a tattoo that says if it is to be it is up to me. There we go. I'm showing that on on the screen. It's on my right forearm. And that rather than a throwaway line that really means something to me, you know?


be, you know, be responsible for my own action, be accountable to myself take ownership over my own lot in life. Choose my behaviors, in no matter what the situation is, we've all got the power of choice. And we know we've heard it a million times. But honestly, you know, we're right in the middle of COVID-19, the world is falling, the you know, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and there's conspiracy theory everywhere, but I'm in a really happy place because I choose to be, you know, choose happiness. And I choose how I, I

how I proactively

face the world, you know, I'm, you know, ensure we also like between, you know, being at being at the cause versus being at the effect, but I like to think that I'm at the effect of my own Life I've always been an entrepreneur. I've never worked for anyone in my life. And you know, I don't. Anyway, that's that's a whole other episode right there. But you know, I've always taken responsibility for everything that I've done and

so I guess

I'm always I'm always evolving You know, I'm always learning how to do that better. And you know, trust others more delegate more as this business as this movement grows, and as I grow as well outsource more to you know, that that I'm not Superman I shouldn't do everything myself. And

overall, though,

I think the best advice that I've always live by and learn is be the example but you example for others to follow the example Be the change that you want to seen in, in life, you know, be the example for your kids. I've got four kids in my life now. And there's no, you know, no bit of mirror. So be the example. Don't just talk about it, but be live it be the example.

Rick A. Morris  49:20  
You know, it's interesting, you're saying in an earlier segment that you know, people turn about being busy. I think one of the greatest opportunities for us with COVID is that it's removed the distraction. So just speaking personally, from my perspective, you know, I was always on planes always traveling always, you know, going everywhere to speak. You go to a speaking engagement, you really lose three days, right? Every time you get the day out there, of the day back. And so I've been really blessed in COVID of all those distractions, what what suggestion would you give to people now in the time of COVID, where, you know, we're not having to run the kids to soccer practice or to, you know, to football practice. And we've got So there's time to really work on ourselves.

Trav Bell  50:03  
Yeah, well, that is that is it. You know, a lot of people are taking a big collective deep breath in right now man and and they're recalibrating on their happiness. You know, there's a lot of people that have been laid off jobs been retrenched. But there's a lot of people that have also quit, because they're just not they're not happy. They're not fulfilled. They're not finding any purpose or meaning it's not aligning with their values. The The, the downside is, like I said, before, the depression statistics, I think depression has doubled in Australia over the course of COVID, which is scary, not to mention the suicides as a result, and not everyone's you know, in a supportive family ecosystem. Now that we're sort of forced into lockdown in certain parts around the world. That's not good. But yeah, I mean, that's the downside. The upside, there's a lot of families coming together. There is no organized sport, you know, family are actually spending quality time together. We made it a pact, in our family, with my partner Tracy and I, and the kids that we want to come out of this whole thing better in every single area of our life, business income, as parents as leaders, as a couple, and in our health as well. And so far, so good. You know, and I think also on the positive side that people and and business owners are innovating like never before they're redefining what their new normal is going to be. They're radically collaborating like we're doing right now. They're embracing technology and failing forward faster. You know, one to three business plans to go online just had to happen in seven days. I mean, it's just like, this is what's happened. Everyone's adapting, inviting. So I'm really excited to see what happens as a result. The last downturn, Airbnb and Uber were created in 2009, you know, after the GFC so who knows what's going to happen as a result of this? So I'm on the fence, you know, there's some really good stuff happening. There's some horrible stuff happening as well. But I'm always an optimist, and I think we're gonna be definitely better for

Rick A. Morris  52:24  
so I mentioned to you I've got a mate there in Australia. Really good friend, February. I'm supposed to be coming to papa New Guinea, working with what we call a country transformation team. So now on my bucket list is comm do something really, really stupid with trap Bell? That's That's how that's now happening February 2021. So,

Trav Bell  52:48  
dude, let's do it. And we're vice versa. We're about to you in the States. I'm in Alabama, Alabama. Literally

Rick A. Morris  52:57  
the guy right where deliverance is so

there you go listen trav we've enjoyed having you on partner we're gonna be watching you from afar we hope to have you on again soon you come back to us.

Trav Bell  53:17  
Alright man, and we'll put that banjo why when I, when I come down there,

Rick A. Morris  53:21  
man, a woman and absolutely. Let's do something stupid together. I'm with it. So thanks so much to our guest Dr. Bell next week we're gonna have Adam Mendler on. He's the chief executive officer of the Vilas group where he's co founded and oversees ventures across a wide variety of industries. He's going to be sharing his entrepreneurial journey with us and talk about really the mindset of some of the leading CEOs, founders, athletes, celebrities, influencers and other people that he said opportunity to work with. So that's next week. Otherwise, you can always find me at at Rick A. Morris on Twitter at Rick A. Morris and Facebook and or LinkedIn and as always We hope that you live your own work life balance. We'll talk to you next Friday right here on The Voice America business network.

VoiceAmerica  54:09  
Thank you for joining us this week. The work life balance with Rick Morris can be heard live every Friday at 2pm pacific time and 5pm eastern time on The Voice America business channel. Now that the weekend is here, it's time to rethink your priorities and enjoy it. We'll see you on our next show.

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