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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let Go of Being Done!

Let go of being done.  This was the toughest lesson I had to learn.  I read a fantastic book lately called Positive Intelligence that I  was able to relate to on many levels.  As I read through it, I had one of my own revelations.  I place so much stress on myself on completion.  Being done.  Unfortunately, in life there is only one time that you are really done, and that is when you are done breathing.  Otherwise, there are always things to do.  New stress, projects, items that require your attention, and unexpected events.  I used to operated with the thought, "if I could just complete x, then I can relax."  Whenever x was almost complete, 20 new things would come up that would get in the way and add stress.  I would allow this to get in the way of my happiness or sense of accomplishment.  I would never feel done.  When I read the book Positive Intelligence, it talks about setting terms for your happiness.  It speaks to people saying, "once I get this promotion, or get that car, or get that house, then I will be happy."  The issue becomes is attaining the promotion, car, or house does not bring the promised happiness.  The key is being happy in the now.

I played volleyball in high school with a coach that had us scream, "Now!" After every team break to signify the last point and the future points do not matter, the point right now matters.  Live in the now.  The realization to revel the accomplishment of each check on my checklist has allowed me to accomplish so much more because I am not overwhelmed or worried.  It is a freeing feeling.

Last year, I was feeling overwhelmed as the business was growing, new opportunities were coming along, and responsibilities continued to mount.  I felt that I accomplished 10 things and 40 were added to the list on a daily business.  This put me into a vortex of self doubt that allowed me to feel sorry for myself.  When this occurs, it is easy to allow the world around to add pressure on a daily basis.  Eventually, the pressure can mount to a point where it is a sink or swim.  Through an incredible team of coworkers and more importantly and incredibly supportive family structure, I was able to take a step back and take stock of what is important in my life.  Instead of focusing on constructing the castle, we decided to focus on building the plan for the castle, then focus on each bricks placement and taking pride when every brick was placed appropriately. Then at the end of every day, we can stand back and see what was accomplished and attack it the next day.  The greatest shift in this strategy was not to be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the castle, to know or would be built.  If bricks fell off, walls fell, enemies attacked, so be it.  We would just start the next day by placing bricks.  

The payoff of the shift has been enormous.  At the end of the first quarter of 2013, we have accomplished all of the internal 2013 projects, we wanted to accomplish for the year.  We are planning a new strategy session just to keep the momentum up instead of our regular annual one.  Relaxation and focus has been much easier to come by as well.  It truly is an easier way to accomplish done.  At least accomplish the illusion of being done.  In life, you are never done until the last beat of your heart!  Until then, we have to live to the fullest.  Get out there and live it.
No day but today!