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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

AI Driven PM: 10 Prompts to Try with ChatGPT-4o

As project management evolves, leveraging cutting-edge technology becomes increasingly essential. The latest iteration, ChatGPT-4o, introduces groundbreaking features that promise to revolutionize project, program, and portfolio management. Today, we’ll delve into these features and provide specific prompts to help project managers make the most of this AI powerhouse, even without the need to upload documents.  Some prompts may call for some information, we suggest as a best practice to ensure that there is no proprietary information being sent to ChatGPT.  You can scrub and genericize data to ensure there is no identifiable information.  For instance, I use <COMPANY> to replace any company name which allows me to find and replace that prompt in the output.

1. Starting Documentation

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o automates repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategic planning and creative problem-solving. This feature includes generating meeting agendas, drafting emails, and scheduling tasks.

Prompt to Try:

“Please create a meeting agenda for our project kickoff meeting. Include key discussion points, time allocations, and follow-up actions.”

2. Risk Analysis

Feature Overview: Predictive analytics in ChatGPT-4o identify potential risks before they become issues. By analyzing project data and trends, the AI can forecast risks and suggest mitigation strategies.  It can also brainstorm ideas for risk to kick off the risk identification process

Prompt to Try:

“Please identify potential risks in for a ERP migration in a financial services company. Provide a report with suggested mitigation strategies.”

3. Enhanced Stakeholder Communication

Feature Overview: Tailored communication strategies ensure that stakeholders receive relevant information in their preferred formats. This feature enhances transparency and stakeholder satisfaction.

Prompt to Try:

“Please draft a project update email for stakeholders, highlighting progress, upcoming milestones, and any potential concerns.”

4. Customized Dashboard Creation

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o can create customized project dashboards that highlight the most critical metrics and KPIs, providing a clear and concise view of the project status.

Prompt to Try:

“Please design a project dashboard that includes metrics for task completion, budget status, risk levels, and upcoming milestones.”

5. Collaboration and Team Communication

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o integrates seamlessly with collaboration tools, enhancing team communication and coordination, especially in remote and distributed teams.

Prompt to Try:

“Please create a summary of today’s team meeting and share it with the team. Include action items and deadlines.” (Copy in meeting bullet point notes with no names or identifying information)

6. Project Performance Analytics

Feature Overview: This feature provides insights into project performance through advanced analytics, helping project managers identify areas for improvement.

Prompt to Try:

“Please analyze our project performance data and provide a report highlighting key metrics, trends, and areas for improvement.” (Copy in genericized data)

7. Continuous Learning and Process Improvement

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o learns from past projects, offering insights and recommendations for future improvements, ensuring continuous learning and process enhancement.

Prompt to Try:

“Please review the lessons learned from the provided list and suggest improvements for our current project management processes.” (Copy in genericized data)

8. Virtual Mentoring and Coaching

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o can act as a virtual mentor, providing project managers with advice and guidance based on the latest best practices and methodologies.

Prompt to Try:

“Please, provide guidance on how to handle a conflict between two team members that is affecting project progress.”

9. Automated Compliance Checks

Feature Overview: Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations can be streamlined with ChatGPT-4o, which can automatically check for compliance issues and suggest corrections.

Prompt to Try:

“Please review provided information and identify any compliance issues with industry standards or regulations. Provide recommendations for correction.”  (Copy in genericized data)

10. Sentiment Analysis for Team Morale

Feature Overview: ChatGPT-4o can analyze communication within the team to gauge morale and identify potential issues early, ensuring a healthy team environment.

Prompt to Try:

“Please analyze the recent team communication and provide a sentiment analysis report highlighting any potential morale issues.” (Copy in genericized data)


Incorporating ChatGPT-4o into your project management toolkit can elevate your efficiency and effectiveness to new heights. By leveraging these features, you can streamline operations, enhance communication, and ultimately deliver more successful projects. Try the prompts provided to start experiencing the transformative power of ChatGPT-4o today.

For more insights and tips on leveraging AI in project management, stay tuned to the AI Driven PM blog series. Let's make every project a success story with the help of cutting-edge technology!