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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sisyphus, you ready?

John Maxwell states it so beautifully, "everything worthwhile is uphill, yet most everyone has downhill habits." In my journey through self awareness so many quotes are flashing through my brain. Some of my favorites are bubbling to the top. John's, of course. Carl Jung's, "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Dr. Robert Rohm teaching me about my "I/D" personality and the understanding of how I start well and need the extra push to finish. All of these led me down the path to envision Sisyphus. Visualization sometimes is the art of learning. I visualize sometimes that my business and career is Sisyphus except that it isn't starting over every day. It just rolls back down hill if you stop for a day or even for a breath.

There are many moments throughout the day or week where distractions creep in. Each morning, I create a list of key things that I need to get done. That is my rock that I must get up the hill. Phone calls, e-mails, distractions, and the way my brain is wired is my mountain. Each time I cross something off the list, I am pushing. Each time a distraction wins, I have stopped for a breath and that rock is pushing me back down. I can feel the struggle with my own brain and thoughts to push through. Even in writing this e-mail, I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to have a Sisyphus desk ornament to remind you to stay focused?" That just cost me 15 minutes of searching on the Internet! Back to the post and the thought. We all have that thing inside of us. This is where my quote comes from: We all have the WANT to succeed, but do we have the WILL to succeed? I WILL finish this post, I WILL finish my list today. I WILL grow today. I WILL succeed. I WILL push this rock up that mountain. I know tomorrow, it will be there for me to push again. I welcome it. I welcome the challenge. Come what may, I hope the rock is bigger. I hope the mountain is steeper. I hope I grow tired sooner so I can become stronger. Let's do this. Sisyphus, you ready?

No Day But Today,