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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Radio Show - 12/06/2016


The Work/Life Balance

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December 09, 2016: Successful Change Management - Pattie Vargas
Have you ever heard these comments? “The implementation was flawless; we fell down in the execution.” “No one stopped to consider the level of disruption this change would inflict on our people and operations.” “There was no contingency in the schedule for course correction or performance management.” “I didn’t know how to help my team through this change.” In Pattie's speaking and coaching practice, she hears these comments all the time; and always after the fact. Too often when we embark on re-organizations, mergers / acquisitions, system implementations or even just changing the

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Pattie Vargas

Pattie Vargas is a recognized leader in performance and change management with a proven track record in behavioral, organizational and personal change, designing and implementing key strategies to create and sustain a high performing organization. She possesses the balanced blend of business acumen, behavioral competencies and common sense to produce aligned, consistent and repeatable results. Pattie is a frequent speaker on change management, personal resilience, team dynamics and issues facing women in the workplace, with a delivery that is humorous, practical and backed by years of experience, both painful and pleasant! Her collaborative and facilitative style brings about dramatic .....

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