Sunday, November 8, 2009

Blogging a Status?

Interesting thought!  I was reading an excerpt from Andy Wibbels titled "Blogs and Business: What You Must Know" and he suggested utilizing a Blog for project status.

He stated that "Blogs can provide an instant snapshot of a project's status, an archive of past reports, and an easier way to access deliverables.  You won't be annoying your employees by clogging their inbox with an 8 gigabyte PDF."

Clearly he has worked with PM's that have a fondness for charts and graphs!  However, it does provide an interesting thought.  Many companies are looking for ways to go green and many have not invested in a Project and Portfolio Management type of technology.  Some companies utilize Sharepoint for this, but it too can become cumbersome in navigation.  Blogging can be a perfect fit for those.

I have seen many organizations still want the ill-fated printed status report.  They must have their red/yellow/green!  The question is, when is the last time a decision was made off that status report?  When is the last time someone in your company stopped a project because it was red, or put more resources on a project when it went yellow?  If the answer is "never", then maybe a change to the way it is done is warranted.

In any case, the article did make me think!

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