Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Out!

Sometimes in life....I wish we could just call a time out.  It works in sports, it works (sometimes) for little ones.  I wish at times that I could simply hit the pause button and regroup.

Tonight is one of those nights that I am really missing my family.  I have been on the road quite a bit and things have been very busy which is great.  We also have a family vacation coming up in the next week that is a dream vacation.  However, I want to be there right now.  I want to be with them right now.  They say behind every great man is a great woman.  That is certainly the case with me.

I live a blesssed life.  We work hard and play hard.  My goal in life was to ensure that my family would not want for anything.  I can provide them the opportunities and the lifestyle that they always wanted, but sometimes that costs me in time and relationship capital.  I am blessed to own R2 and to be able to achieve a much greater work/life balance than I have ever had before.  However, there are still times when I have to console over the phone or hear about issues from a distance that makes me so greatly want to be home.  It is a choice that we have made as a family and we are doing a great job of being a family.....and by no means is this a complaint or a "wish" for a change.  Just sometimes, I want a time out.  I want to invent the machine that I can use 3 times per half that just stops everything, lets me transport home and hug the kids, visit with my wife, and regroup.  Then hit the magical pause button again to resume.

Sometimes, I just want a time out!

No day but today,


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Don Larson said...


I felt that way at about your age too. It isn't easy being a responsible leader in your field and running a business. Keep up the great work you're doing!