Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some People....

Normally I will discuss items that happened career wise, but I had to share this story.  For a Christmas present, I flew up to Norfolk, VA and picked up the sweetest little 9 week old Pappion puppy for my family.  This little guy is so much fun that we take him with us everywhere we go.  Today, we had some last minute items to take care of for Christmas and as a family we ran several errands.  One of the errands was to the pet store in which we to Zeus (that is his name) in to the store with us.  We then continued into a grocery store.

Now Zeus is about 1/2 a pound at the most and had a sweater on.  My wife was carrying him as we picked up a couple of groceries.  Technically, there are no dogs allowed in the grocery store unless they are seeing eye dogs.  However, our puppy is so little that we did not want to leave him in the car and we didn't think anyone would mind.  Additionally, our trainer said to let Zeus meet as many people as possible to socialize the puppy as much as possible.

We barely made it down the first aisle when a lady ran up to my wife and tapped her on the shoulder.  She informed us of the rule and told us that Management was on the way to kick us out of the store.  We were confused.  About one minute later, a young kid apologized and asked us to take the puppy out.  He told me in confidence that nobody really minded and that many people loved to see the puppy, however, the lady that approached my wife had complained and he had to carry out the complaint.

This made me wonder about this lady.  Maybe she was allergic.  Maybe she has a fear that a 1/2 pound puppy would break free and severely injure her.  I do not want to judge why she did it, but I was truly apalled by her demeanor.  As I analyzed the scene, it was as if she wanted to make sure that we knew it was her that brought this to the stores attention.  She could have complained and management would have removed us and we would be none the wiser.  We wouldn't have even questioned it.  It was the fact that she confronted us that confused me.  Maybe she could brag to her girlfriends at the bridge club about how she evicted a Christmas puppy out of the store today.  Whatever her reason, she did that in front of my children!

After it is all said and done, we were not supposed to have the little man in there.  I just didn't understand the motivation behind the whole thing.  Some people.........

In an case, in our typical fashion, we laughed it off and chalked it up to another experience.  I thought I would just share ;)

Have a great holiday and remember, a great injustice was solved today by some random lady in the grocery store.  Film at 11.


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