Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Valuing People

You will often hear me speak about the value of people.  The fact that I hate the term "Human Resources" is a dead giveaway.  I talk quite a bit about making sure that you are achieving the work/life balance and that people and their families are your greatest asset.

Another great asset to remember is your network and your friends.  You truly have no idea when or if you will need someone else's help and where that help will eminate.  I hear story after story about what a small world it is and how this person is tied to this person.  Have you ever tried to play "Six Degrees of Separation?"

Whenever I am asked for a favor or a recommendation, I try my best to lend my help.  You never know what it could lead to.  I have had huge contracts landed by simply replying to a question on a social networking site.  I have had many friends land positions at companies just because they asked someone for assistance.

This leads me to another conversation.  Those that close themselves off from this behavior.  Around the holidays, I am always nostalgic.  I have had a great deal of fantastic people drift in and out of my life.  Some relationships ended well, some did not.  However, every relationship was important to me.  I have learned something from just about everyone that I have ever met.  I overheard a conversation today about someone reaching out to a past relationship, only to be rebuffed.  The rebuttal was, "There is no need, it has been 20 years."

I am sure there are reasons and I am sure there is much more to the story.  However, it still made me think about the value of the people in my life.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, I am thankful for each of you that have ever taught me a lesson, shared an experience, or have given me the honor to call you a friend.  I value people, not our greatest resource, rather, our greatest asset.

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